“Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey, including the water professionals responding to the devastating flooding.

It is during tremendous challenges like this that we see the incredibly tight-knit nature of the water community. WEF’s members are expressing concern and offering support for colleagues in Texas, Louisiana, and throughout the Gulf Coast.

Response networks are active, but do not need additional assistance or resources at this juncture. This includes the Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN), which is in communication with government agencies involved in the response. The Texas WARN is coordinated with Texas State Emergency Management. Impacted utilities are currently receiving necessary assistance, including with equipment such as generators and pumps. WEF is following these emergency response efforts and is also in contact with the Water Environment Association of Texas to monitor how members and communities are being impacted.

WEF encourages members who wish to support those impacted by Hurricane Harvey to consider financial donations to the American Red Cross and other credible charitable organizations.

As the response and recovery to this unfortunate disaster continues, WEF will continue to monitor the impact on the water sector, assist any way our organization is able, and update our members on the situation.”