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Making a Major Impact with Water Management Technology

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

Join Kieran Fahey, Director of Long Term Control Planning for the City of South Bend, IN and Xylem's Tim Ruggaber to discuss how intelligent watershed technology empowered the City of South Bend, IN, to optimize its existing sewer system, protect community health, and solve overflows without the need to build costly new grey infrastructure.

Learn how Xylem's BLU-X™ Wastewater Network Optimization system is being utilized by the City to eliminate dry weather overflows by roughly 1 billion gallons per year, reduce E. coli concentration (from the sewer system) by 50% in the Saint Joseph River, and save an estimated $500 million in capital work as well as $1.5 million per year in operations and maintenance costs.

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase event presented by Xylem, Inc.

Food for Thought - Using "True" F:M to Optimize Biological Treatment

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

Join us in the discussion of what a “true” Food-to-Microorganism (F:M) measurement means to plant operators. The combination of total organic carbon (TOC) and cellular ATP (cATP) monitoring can deliver a true F:M value which enables operators to make better process decisions. SUEZ and LuminUltra will present a case study exemplifying how these two parameters combine to eliminate the need for traditional, less accurate surrogate measurements. This southern US facility made this transition, gaining control and achieving the optimal operating range of their biological treatment system.  


Jesse Forth, Global Product Manager, SUEZ—Water Technologies & Solutions, and Jordan Schmidt, Director, Product Applications, LuminUltra Technologies

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by SUEZ and LuminUltra


Accelerate Your Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Designs by Going Digital

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

BIM is not new, and you may already have a BIM strategy implemented. But how can you take your projects to the next level? How can you implement a digital twin on your next project? Join Bentley expert Tony DeRosa to learn how you can go digital on your next water treatment plant project by implementing a digital twin. Tony will discuss:

  • Why CAD is not BIM
  • What it means to go digital
  • Strategies for going digital

Digital twins enable you to visualize your assets across the entire lifecycle, track changes, and perform analysis to optimize performance. They combine engineering data, reality data, and IoT data for a holistic view of your plant. The immersive visualization and analytics help you achieve a deeper understanding of your infrastructure assets-so you make better-informed decisions for better outcomes. Learn how you can start making your digital journey now.

Speaker: Tony DeRosa, Senior Consultant, Bentley Systems

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by Bentley Systems

Advantages of using Improved Ultrasonic Metering in Water and Wastewater Applications

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

The Covid Pandemic has affected everyone. Water and Wastewater operators and maintenance personnel have an urgent need to improve resource management, increase revenue, and re-use water while meeting ever-increasing regulatory requirements at the same time reducing operational costs.

Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow measurement is a good choice for meeting the requirement. Ultrasonic is quickly becoming the most commonly deployed type of flowmeter. This is due to new developments in the technology that enable the ultrasonic meters to accurately measure very low flow rates from 0.003 ft/sec velocity and very high flow rates 80 ft/sec velocity on pipes that range in size from 0.5” to 120 inches both old and new. With the ability to measure bi-directional flow, pulsating flow and multiple pipes with a single meter FLEXIM can measure everywhere in drinking water production, treatment, and distribution, as well as wastewater collections, treatment, effluent and environmental monitoring. 

Please join FLEXIM's John Van Nostrand for a Webinar illustrating how these technology improvements enable ultrasonic flowmeters to be used in places never dreamed before. Learn how you can accurately measure the flow of liquids non-intrusively through proven clamp-on transit-time correlation technology and how it plays an important role in the water and wastewater operations.

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by FLEXIM

What Have Your Bugs Done for You Lately? – Optimizing Process Control Parameters to Achieve Process Goals

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

Making the most of your liquid treatment process requires getting the best performance out of your most important resource – your “bugs” (or Biomass)!  When managing your bugs, you need to know the following:

  1. How much biomass (bugs) are there in the system?
  2. Where are they?
  3. How long are they here?

This eShowcase will discuss some of the most critical process control parameters, like SRT, Wasting (WAS), RAS, F/M, and SVI and what tools and tactics can be utilized to ensure your process remains stable and efficient.  Specific tools include online monitoring for real-time insights and automated systems that can guide decision-making for best results.  Understanding and using these tools and tactics can result in:

  • Improved compliance – BOD, TSS, Ammonia, and Nutrients
  • Decreased OPEX – Reduced energy and sludge disposal costs
  • Stabilized Process – Year-round reliability and reduced stress

Speakers: Matthew GrayAdam JenningsSteve Myers, and Melody White

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by Hach.

Lessons Learned from the First Year of Operation of a Deammonification System at the Little Patuxent WRP

Tuesday, August 19, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

This presentation will discuss the overall performance of the ANITA™ Mox deammonification system and other aspects including resiliency to solids, process control simplicity, heat release, chemical addition (caustic), struvite potential, foam control and system operating experience.

Speakers: Chris Moline (HDR), Rob Hindt (Howard County, MD), and Larry Li (Veolia)

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by Veolia Water Technologies.

The Tale of Two Systems: 2PAD & 6-Pack, Effectively Using biological Hydrolysis to Enable Co-digestion

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

Throughout the United States, over 1,200 wastewater treatment plants are equipped with anaerobic digestion to stabilize sewage sludge into biosolids. With rapidly increasing populations, municipalities need to increase the existing capacity of biosolids treatment.

This webinar will present two technologies from SUEZ that alleviate the stress of overloaded digesters. Both the 2PAD and 6-Pack have been developed to easily fit into existing infrastructure, reduce the required hydraulic retention time in the mesophilic digesters and free up volume for additional treatment.

Not only can these technologies enable additional treatment capacity, but they also enable the plant to import organic wastes, such as residential source separated organics; food waste collected from industrial, commercial and institutional sources; and high strength liquid wastes. This webinar will introduce these enabling technologies and their capabilities to convert wastewater treatment plants into renewable energy facilities.

Additionally, attendees will hear first-hand from two facilities that have used SUEZ’s Biological Hydrolysis to maximize their digester utilization and import organic food wastes one through co-location and one through co-digestion. Each guest speaker will provide insight in their vision, plant operations and performance, as well as key considerations when importing external waste sources.

Speakers: Michael Theodoulou (SUEZ), Wesley Wong (GENeco), Tom Darby (City of Hermitage, PA), Nick Bonkoski (SUEZ - moderator)

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by SUEZ Water Technologies

Solving Phosphorus Removal Challenges with Magnetite Ballasted Technology

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

Standards for advanced total phosphorus (TP) levels in different types of water bodies continue to evolve, whether from point or nonpoint sources. As a result, many water pollution control plants (WPCP) may have to undergo major upgrades to meet TP discharge limits, some as low as 0.04 mg/l. The CoMag® system from Evoqua Water Technologies is a high-rate clarification unit operation based on chemical coagulation-flocculation which uses particles of magnetite to ballast the inorganic flocs generated. Magnetite is a naturally occurring iron ore (Fe3O4), fully oxidized, completely inert and non-abrasive. With a specific gravity of 5.2 and an affinity to be embedded inside the flocs magnetite significantly increases settling rates. Due to its ferromagnetic properties, magnetite can also be recovered in excess of 99% via rare-earth magnets installed in the waste line.

The innovative application of magnetite has been utilized in the mining industry for decades. Since its introduction in the early 2000s, the CoMag system has gained acceptance in the wastewater industry. To date, there are more than 40 plants that have selected the CoMag system to cost-effectively address their phosphorus and solids removal needs.

Join us to learn how the CoMag system can help municipalities meet stringent phosphorus permits without tertiary filters, and provide process resilience for wet weather flow management and high solids excursions.

Presented by Casey Whittier, Global Product Manager - BioMag and CoMag System, Evoqua Water Technologies

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by Evoqua Water Technologies

Biogas Storage – Don’t Let Your Renewable Energy go to Waste!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

Biogas storage systems are becoming increasingly prevalent as municipalities aim to capture renewable energy produced from anaerobically digesting sewage sludge. While the current available gas storage technologies have been utilized for decades, the design of these systems are critical for effective and efficient performance of the downstream biogas utilization systems. Membrane gas storage continues to be the most economical technology choice for either tank mounted or separate storage containment. However, several key design fundamentals and features must be considered when selecting the product to be commissioned in order to achieve the desired performance, safety and longevity of a membrane gas storage system.


  • Thomas Mangione, Technical Sales Manager for Anaerobic Digestion Products
  • Matthew Bronk, Product Engineer for Biosolids Products

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase webcast presented by Evoqua Water Technologies

MABR Technology Application for Nutrient Removal Upgrades and Improving Process Resilience

Tuesday April 7, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) is an emerging wastewater treatment technology that is gaining traction for its ability to deliver process intensification while also reducing energy consumption. The first full-scale MABR plants have been in operation for more than 2 years and proven the benefits of increasing capacity in existing tank volumes and energy savings. The industry continues to explore other applications of the technology, including how it can be used to improve treatment plant resilience to peak flows, temperature change, and shutdown events.

This webinar provides an overview of ZeeLung MABR technology plus insights and experiences from industry leaders from Black & Veatch who will share their experiences with two applications of the technology – nutrient removal upgrades and improving process resilience.

For more information, visit https://www.suezwatertechnologies.com/lp-zl-wef.


  • Amit Kaldate, Domain Leader, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
  • Sandeep Sathyamoorthy, Principal Process & Innovation Leader, Black & Veatch
  • Andrew Shaw, Global Practice and Technology Leader for Sustainability & Wastewater, Black & Veatch

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase webcast presented by Suez Water Technologies

The Next Generation of Phased Activated Sludge Technology with Model-Predictive Control

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

With aging infrastructure, a need to future-proof facilities and an uncertain future of skilled operators, the Town of Liberal, KS has embarked on the construction of a state of the art BIO-DENITRO facility. This state of the art treatment process will not only provide enhanced BNR capabilities, but will feature the most advanced cloud-based model predictive control system with the AQUAVISTA Plant digital service from Veolia.


  • Mark Drake, Biological Product Manager, Veolia
  • Pete Earles, Earles Engineering

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by Veolia Water Technologies

Optimizing biological treatment performance by monitoring carbon levels

Tuesday February 11, 2020 - 1:00-1:45 PM ET

This webcast will outline the importance of tracking carbon levels to better control biological treatment systems and share case study examples that highlight how Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis can be used to drive optimal performance. An interactive discussion between Adit Jatkar and Darin Clum will follow.  Together, they have over 20 years of experience working with various analyzers and biological systems. 


  • Adit Jatkar, Global Product Application Specialist, SUEZ
  • Darin Clum, CEO, Top Water LLC

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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by Suez