November 2, 2016

Intelligent Water Systems: A Smart Start

Water & Wastewater Utilities are rapidly evolving, and the areas of concern that need addressing are increasing in number and complexity. Intelligent Water Systems is potentially the solution to these issues- providing a platform for more efficient technology use and more informed decision making. The Intelligent Water Systems: A Smart Start webcast will provide an overview of where the Water Industry stands in the smart water realm and opportunities that Utilities can take to optimize their systems.

“What Intelligent Water Systems means”    

An overview and description of Intelligent Water System’s definition and capabilities.  This discussion will also present key findings from the August Intelligent Water Systems Knowledge Development Forum (KDF), where industry experts shared their experiences of integrating Intelligent Water Systems into their utilities, how to get started, and other lessons learned.  

“Optimization 101”  

Finding an optimal solution requires three basic components: a quantifiable objective function, a set of parameters that affect the objective output, and a systematic methodology by which the quantifiable object is maximized or minimized. Examples of optimization projects such as Real Time Decision Support Systems and Smart Green Infrastructure will be discussed.

“BIG Data Analytics”  

The Internet of Everything is growing, and new data sets are being breed from sensing technology. The surplus of data and the new methods of data acquiring cannot possibly be processed by traditional methods. This session explores big data analytic engines and how they can solve the overwhelming data problem. The values and uses of big data analytics will be discussed along with relevant case studies and practices.


  • Fidan Karimova, WE&RF  (Moderator)
  • Corey Williams, Optimatics
  • Ryan Nagel, Hazen and Sawyer
  • Luis Montestruque, EmNet, LLC
  • Lina Belia, Primodal 
  • Raja Kadiyala, CH2M  (Moderator)