By Jonathan Gordon, CWEA YP Co-Chair

In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes…and a write up in the paper if food and poop happen to touch at a local establishment. Fortunately in this case, the mix up was by design and it ended without a single documented case of either salmonella or diarrhea (to our knowledge).

On July 10th, the Chesapeake Water Environment Association (CWEA) hosted its first ever Young Professional (YP) Dinner N Learn, the fabled (and slightly less formal) cousin of the better known Lunch N Learn. Sponsored by Sherwood Logan, the event centered on a presentation given by Jim Vukich of Xylem, Inc. titled "The New Wastewater: Collection System Challenges Caused by Today’s Modern Trash." It was advertised as an opportunity to eat, network, meet local reps, and above all learn, in a space much more inviting than your average conference room and entirely devoid of, (not always intentionally), intimidating supervisors.

The turnout exceeded our wildest expectations considering it required YPs to effectively extend their workdays and bring their jobs to dinner. Nearly 25 YPs from the City of Baltimore and ten different consulting firms attended the event. At the end of the night, the Sherwood Logan and Xylem reps left having met some of the next generation of water & environment engineers, the YPs left having, among other things, asked and received answers to good questions that elevated their understanding of the field, and at least one waiter left in dismay that so many people could stomach food while watching a presentation on what sorts of objects in wastewater constitute the greatest challenges to pumping.

If this sort of event interests you, please keep an eye on out for future emails from CWEA advertising the next dinner n learn. Email Alicia Grant, [email protected] and Carolyn Wagner, [email protected] for more info.


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