WEF Members are sharing their personal experiences working in the water sector and insights on the value they have gained from their WEF Membership.

"WEF and your local member association are there every step of your career!"



Why did you choose to work within the water sector?

I loved math and biology growing up and found my way into Environmental Engineering with a focus on water.  The ability to “manufacture” or clean millions of gallons of water/wastewater per day always fascinated me.  I would envision how much water a project or facility would clean in a day and consider how much volume that would equate to on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.


What insights would you like to share with others about your experiences working in water?

As much as the technical elements of the profession were fascinating, it was truly the people in the industry that are really amazing. College professors, operators, other engineers, equipment suppliers.  I always thought my career’s success would be looking back at the projects I did, but for me, it has been much more about the people I have been able to work with who I am lucky to call my friends.


How long have you been a WEF member and, what  WEF Member Benefit has made the most impact on your career?

I've been a WEF Member for over 20 years! WEF and your local member association are there every step of your career from operator training or student/young professional; technical development through committees and conferences (at both the local and national levels); leadership/management development though committees, MA boards, the House of Delegates, Board of Trusties, etc; through life membership.  As much as the Federation provides in these areas, the friendships you will develop while serving in this important profession of maintaining clean water are unrivaled.  Find someone who is actively involved, ask how you can become involved too, and then jump in.  As an active member, you will see your career opportunities advance significantly. There are opportunities to match your career and engagement through every step.  


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