The Public Communication and Outreach Committee (PCOC) develops and supports comprehensive education and outreach directed at WEF members and the general public.

The WEF Public Communication & Outreach Committee (PCOC) is charged to develop/support education and outreach for WEF members, the public, media, and public policy makers to encourage informed decision-making on economic, environmental, public health, operating, and social policy issues associated with the water environment.

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Video: We chatted with Rich McConaghy and Suzanne Hebert of the Water Resource Education Center in Vancouver, Wash., about their tips for building a public outreach/education program. Check out what they had to say!


Megan Yoo Schneider
Tel: 949-278-5761
Email: [email protected]


Michael Quamme
Tel:  507-301-9098
Email: [email protected]

Staff Manager

Travis Loop
Tel: 703 684-2465
Email:[email protected] 

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