The WEF Public Communication & Outreach Program Awards recognize WEF members for significant accomplishments in promoting public awareness and the understanding of water environment issues through the development and implementation of outreach, education and/or communication programs. WEF Member Associations, individual WEF members, and other (non-WEF/MA) organizations, including groups, events and campaigns, are eligible for this award.

Please ensure that the nomination is made for the applicable category below; if clarification is needed, please contact the WEF PCOC Awards Subcommittee.


i. Individual - to be awarded to an individual WEF member for extraordinary communication and outreach efforts.
ii. WEF Member Association - to be awarded to a WEF Member Association in recognition of outstanding, unique, and/or effective association outreach program development.
iii. Other (organizations, groups of individuals, events and campaigns) - to be awarded to recognize an exceptional project, program, or other outreach effort by an organization including WEF or MA member involvement but outside of the WEF/MA organization.

Criteria: The criteria are the same for each category.

i.   Documented achievements of water environment outreach, public education, public communication programs and      activities.
ii.  Identification and description of exceptional efforts to engage and educate the public on water environment issues.
iii. A detailed narrative description of activities or efforts, including the objective and results.
iv. At least one member of a nominated organization shall be a Member of the Water Environment Federation.

Credit For:
i.     Originality/Creative Use of WEF Materials
ii.    Enthusiasm
iii.   Depth and breadth of audience reached
iv.   Use of creative or innovative concepts or application
v.    Goals set and achieved
vi.   Volunteer efforts as opposed to career assignments
vii.  Goals achieved/measured results
viii. Program continuity - one-time; repetitive event; ongoing development
ix.   Involvement of youth, Young Professionals, other constituencies
x.    Training, mentoring, succession planning elements
xi.   Sphere of outreach - local; regional; national; government influence


  • Online Nomination Form
  • One-page background information: for category i award, pertinent biography of individual nominee(s); for category ii award, history of MA nominee; for category iii award, description and history of Other Org nominee(s).
  • Specific reasons for nomination (one page maximum)
  • A detailed narrative description of the activities or efforts, including the objectives, results, exceptional creativity, influence, use of resources, other remarkable features, accomplishments
  • Documented evidence of the individual's or program's results and lasting effects

Nominations Accepted From:

WEF Member Associations
WEF Members
WEF Committees

Nominations Deadline:
A final copy of your nomination must be received by April 2, 2021.


Questions? Contact:

Tori Cox, Awards Program Manager
Phone: 703-684-2477


To view past recipients of the Public Communication & Outreach Program Awards, click here.

Questions or Comments?


Tori Cox, Manager-Association Engagement
ph: 703-684-2400, ext. 7070
e-mail: [email protected]