This award recognizes water treatment facility safety programs that stimulate safety awareness and practices and that encourage the collection of injury statistics on a national basis.

Nominations are accepted in three categories:

  • WEF Member Associations with membership of less than 400
  • WEF Member Associations with membership of 400 to 1,000
  • WEF Member Associations with membership of 1,000 or greater


i. Cooperation with other organizations to promote safety. 
ii. Methods used to publicize the safety program. 
iii. Safety materials and visual aids used. 
iv. Collection and use of injury data. 
v. Wastewater system personnel injury experience for the past 5 years in the area served by the Member Association. 
vi. Applications of nomination must be supported by exhibits that document and illustrate the Member Association's safety program.


  • MA Safety Award Nomination Form
  • One page biography of the nominee
  • Specific reasons for nomination (one page maximum)
  • Any other supporting material required under criteria or that you feel would be helpful in the selection process.

Nominations accepted from

WEF Member Associations

Nomination deadline

A final copy of your nomination must be received by April 1, 2021.


To view past recipients of the Member Association Safety Award, click here.

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