About WEF Membership

About WEF Membership

The Water Environment Federation aims to provide our members with the latest water quality research and technology through our publications, conferences, and other training opportunities.

 WEF Member Benefits


Membership Levels

WEF is your access to water knowledge and invaluable networking opportunities with more than 35,000 professionals and thought leaders in water quality.

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WEF understands the value of member engagement and harnessing the collective knowledge of the water profession to fulfill its mission.

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Member Associations

WEF's 45 MAs in North America and 30 internationally provide educational and technical information and training to members.

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Recognizing individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the water environment profession, WEF and Member Associations.

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Young Professionals

WEF’s programs, resources and networking opportunities give students and young professionals the keys to launch a successful career in the profession. 

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WEFCOM serves as a virtual workspace, empowering WEF members to network and collaborate in an online environment.

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Our Position on Diversity

WEF is committed to enhancing diversity, equity, an inclusion to create an organization that acknowledges and celebrates our unique differences among our members, partners, staff, and more.

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Active WEF Life Members

Water professionals who have been members of at least one WEF Member Association for more than 35 consecutive years are eligible to become WEF Life Members, receiving exemption from membership dues and several other benefits.

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