This award honors Philip F. Morgan, who served with distinction as professor of sanitary engineering at the State University of Iowa from 1948-1961. A respected practical researcher, he maintained a strong interest in plant operation. This award recognizes valuable contributions to the in-facility study and solution of operational problems.

Awards are given in two categories:
I. Work accomplished in plants serving more than 5,000
II. Work accomplished in plants serving less than 5,000

Who is Eligible:
I. Individuals
II. Groups
III. Organizations


i. Nominee must be a member in good standing of the Water Environment Federation.
ii. Nominations must demonstrate originality, significance, comprehensiveness, effort, and most importantly, the verification of an idea.
iii. The solution should involve the use of innovative technological methods, be generally applicable, and increase plant efficiency.
iv. Supporting documentation must accompany each nomination.


  • Online Nomination Form
  • One page biography of the nominee
  • Specific reasons for nomination (one page maximum)
  • Any other supporting material required under criteria or that you feel would be helpful in the selection process.

Nominations Accepted From:

WEF Member Associations
WEF Members
WEF Committees

Nominations Deadline:

Application will be available annually on January 15 and close March 31.


Questions or Comments?

Contact: Rebecca Culhane
Manager, Awards and Scholarships
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