The Engelbrecht International Service Award was named in memory of Richard S. Engelbrecht, who served as Federation President in 1977-78. This award recognizes sustained and significant contributions to the furtherance and improvement of the international activities of the Water Environment Federation.


  1.  Service should primarily reflect ongoing support of federation activities outside of North America for a sustained period of time.
  2. Sustained and significant contributions to supporting the Federation through:
         a. Leadership in international activities at WEF
         b. Contributions toward international conferences and meetings in support of WEF strategic goals
         c. Supporting WEF activities with global partners such as SIWI, JSWA, EWA, AIDIS, IWA and others.
  3. The nominee must be a member in good standing of the Water Environment Federation.
  4. This is not an award to recognize an individual member of WEF, who, in the course of employment, has worked or lived outside of the United States.  Nominees must meet criteria i, ii, and iii to be eligible for this award.


  • Online Nomination Form addressing the above criteria
  • Two page curriculum vitae of the nominee to include membership history and details of participation in relevant committees and other Federation activities including contributions to and participation in non-North American Member Associations.
  • Specific details concerning the nominee's WEF activities in the international field and the benefits derived by WEF as a result of these activities (three pages maximum).

Nominations Accepted From:

WEF Members
WEF Committees
WEF Members Associations 

Nominations Deadline:

Application will be available annually on January 15 and close March 31.


Questions or Comments?

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Manager, Awards and Scholarships
Phone: 1 + (703-684-2400) x7070