The Collection System Award is presented to an individual for contributions to the advancement of the state of the art wastewater collection.


  • Member in good standing of the Water Environment Federation.
  • Documentation and supporting information on the contribution.
  • The nominee's area of service must have been in any of the following Collection System areas: management, overall planning, operation and maintenance, facility design, education, training, or research.
  • Publications and/or presentations in any Water Environment Federation, Member Association or other industry related perodicals/events is not required but desirable.

WEF Membership Requirements for Application

Both the Nominee and Nominator must be current (not expired) WEF Members, in order for the Nominee to be considered for this Award.

*If the nomination is being submitted by a Member Association (MA) or Community/Committee, please indicate the MA name or Community/Committee name within the application in lieu of a WEF Member ID #.

If needed, contact WEF's Customer Service Center for WEF Member ID information: | 1-800-666-0206 | 703-684-2400 | International Members/Customers: 1-571-830-1545

Nomination Includes:

  • Online Nomination Form
  • Biography of the nominee
  • Specific Reasons for Nomination – Provide details of the nominee’s collection system work history, nominee’s involvement with WEF or Member Associations, nominee’s participation in activities supporting and promoting collection systems in addition to their job responsibilities. One of the top considerations will be for candidates that have supported collection system activities above and beyond their normal job responsibilities. Please ensure the nomination highlights these efforts.
  • Supporting Information related to nomination – Provide Letters of Recommendation, including recommendations from their employer, Member Associations and colleagues. Provide examples of publications or research. Ensure the level of detail is enough to allow reviewers to fully evaluate the application.

Nominations Accepted From:

WEF Member Associations
WEF Committees
WEF Members

Nominations Deadline:

Application will be available annually on January 15 and close annually on March 31 at 11:59PM (Eastern).


Questions or Comments?

Contact: Rebecca Culhane
Manager, Awards and Scholarships
Phone: 1 + (703-684-2400) x7070