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BIM is not new, and you may already have a BIM strategy implemented. But how can you take your projects to the next level? How can you implement a digital twin on your next project? Join Bentley expert Tony DeRosa to learn how you can go digital on your next water treatment plant project by implementing a digital twin. Tony will discuss:

  • Why CAD is not BIM
  • What it means to go digital
  • Strategies for going digital

Digital twins enable you to visualize your assets across the entire lifecycle, track changes, and perform analysis to optimize performance. They combine engineering data, reality data, and IoT data for a holistic view of your plant. The immersive visualization and analytics help you achieve a deeper understanding of your infrastructure assets-so you make better-informed decisions for better outcomes. Learn how you can start making your digital journey now.

Speaker: Tony DeRosa, Senior Consultant, Bentley Systems

Tony DeRosa is a dedicated technical sales professional with over 39 years of proven experience and an eye-on-the-target approach to project success. He has spent more than 16 years in the plant industry. Tony has worked over 20 years for Bentley Systems, his knowledge of the plant industry, giving him a well-rounded perspective of plant projects of all types. Since 2017 his focus has been on Water and Wastewater industries, where he has worked closely with users to deliver and enhance Bentley’s water design applications.

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