The One Water Webcast will provide water professionals with specific content they can use to educate youth aged 5-14 about water in all of its forms. Our mission is to help you spread awareness about the value of water emphasizing its finite availability, its impact on our daily lives and its ability to connect people around the world. We will give you the tools to excite our youth about the water profession and empower them to make the right decisions to have a positive impact locally and globally.

The One Water group has developed activity guides and outreach activities for elementary school and middle school students. It is our duty as water professionals to pass on our knowledge to future generations. After watching this webinar you will have all the tools you need. Are you ready to leave your mark on the next generation?

We all share this precious resource: One Water, Our Water, Your Water

Speakers and Contributors: Alma Beciragic, UNC Chapel Hill; Ana Pena-Tijerina, City of Fort Worth Water Department; Bob Frost, Hazen and Sawyer; Jaren Murphy, McCarthy Building Companies; Kerry Reed, City of Framingham; Lorenzo Freeman, City of Atlanta; Marc Serna, South Coast Water District; Roanna Purcaru, GHD; Ryan Radspinner, HRSD; Shelby Beauchemin, City of Largo; Sophie Manley, City of Chicago

This webcast is fifth in a five part Community Outreach Webcast Series focusing on different outreach activities. The webcast series and was developed as part of the final project for the Water Leadership Institute (WLI). 

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