Enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) is a widely used process for phosphorus removal from wastewater. EBPR involves the transformation of the dissolved form of phosphorus (ortho-phosphate aka ortho-P) into the solid form by incorporating it into biomass. Solids with high phosphorus content when exposed to anaerobic conditions in thickeners, blending tanks, and/or anaerobic digesters release ortho-P, resulting in its interactions with metals such as iron and its ionic species to form precipitates (such as struvite and vivianite), which can clog pipes and increase inorganic content in the solids, and lead to higher maintenance/operational cost. However, mechanisms for phosphorus release in the solids stream and its interactions often is not given enough attention. This webcast will provide a good exposure to the topic, help understand how to handle EBPR sludge and predict phosphorus content of the return streams, and formation of precipitates. EBPR plant operators, process engineers, process modelers, and researchers will benefit from this webcast.


  • Murthy Kasi, Smith and Loveless
  • Patrick Dunlap, Black & Veatch
  • Hélène Hauduc, Dynamita
  • Mario Benisch, HDR
  • John Copp (moderator), Primodal, Inc.

There will be 2.0 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) offered for this webcast. Please check with your state accreditation agency to determine if you qualify. The PDH instructions will be sent to all attendees 24 hours after the webcast has ended.

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