Nebraska Joint Fall Conference 2021
November 3-5
Younes Conference Center

The NWEA currently has over 600 members, 19 standing committees, 4 annual meetings, 7 recognition awards, a quarterly newsletter, the web page, a Scholarship Endowment Fund, Membership Directory and annual golf outing.

Within the membership you will find the; Nebraska Wastewater Operators Division, Quarter Century Club and the Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (5 S’s).  Other states or MA’s like ours have their own such groups, the operator division made up of primarily plant operators, the Quarter Century Club made of members of the Federation for 25 years  and the 5 S’s that wear small golden shovels. There is also a Life Membership which requires that an individual be a Federation/NWEA member for 35 or more consecutive years, and are at age 65 or older.

For more conference information contact Scott Bundy

WEF Board Representative scheduled to attend the event:  Jamie Eichenberger

Note:  Some of the text above was sourced from the Nebraska WEA website.

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