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This symposium was held by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) in affiliation with the WEF Stormwater Institute and the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program and in cooperation with the Florida Water Environment Association, The Water Research Foundation and The University of the District of Columbia CAUSES.

WEF hosted our inaugural Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this May. This symposium was crafted to deepen the technical knowledge of professionals involved with stormwater management and provide forums where leading issues in the sector were discussed.

The 2019 Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Symposium has passed.

More information about the 2020 Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Symposium will be coming soon.

Download the Onsite Program


The 2019 Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Symposium has passed. If you would like to see what was presented, you can find the onsite program below.

Download the Onsite Program here


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Registration Fee Includes:

  • Full conference fee includes: Opening General Session, admission to all Technical Sessions and Online access to proceedings
  • One-Day conference fee includes: Admission to the Technical Sessions 

Workshops are optional and require a fee (they are not included with the conference registration fees).


WEF Members (Before 3/15/2019 | After 3/15/2019

  • Full Conference: $570 $745
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  • Full Conference: $935 $1205
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  • One Day (either Thursday or Friday): $535 | $660

Pre Conference Workshops; held on Wednesday, May 8
(Before 3/15/2019 | After 3/15/2019)

Full Day Workshops

  • WEF Members: $179 $199
  • WEF Student Members: $0
  • Non Members: $209 | $229
  • Non Member Students*: $179 | $199

Half Day Workshops

  • WEF Members: $100 $120
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  • Non Members: $129 | $150
  • Non Member Students*: $100 | $120

*All student non members must bring a valid student ID or another form of student verification.  For questions, please email [email protected]

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Cancellation Policy: All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing with a detailed explanation by 4/26/2019. A 25% administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds. Registrants who fail to notify WEF of cancellations by April 26 will be liable for the full registration fee.

Substitutions are welcomed without penalty and should be submitted in writing by mail or by fax no later than April 26.  The substitute must submit the original registrant’s name & registrant ID number with their request.  Substitutions needed after April 26 must be done onsite.


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The WEF Room Block is SOLD OUT at the Hilton Marina but across the street and in walking distance from the Convention Center the Embassy Suites are taking reservations.   

Embassy Suites Ft. Lauderdale 17th Street

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Continuing Education

The Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Symposium™ 2019 - Continuing Education files available online immediately after event!

You can check what sessions you're earning credit for live here.

You will be able to view your participation details and access your Continuing Education Credits for Workshops and Technical Sessions online. Attendees will have immediate access to their certificates and transcripts through an online portal for 1 year after this event. After that time CE files will have to be requested by email through WEF’s customer service group. These details will be posted on the Continuing Education page of WEF.org and emailed to event participants after the conference.

How Do I Receive Credit For this Conference?

To receive credit for all technical sessions and pre-conference workshops, please scan your badge when entering and exiting that activity.

If an attendee fails to scan in/out of a session(s) they must email detailed information regarding the unscanned session(s)/times to [email protected].

Pre-Conference Workshops:

WEF offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for participation in workshops. One CEU is the equivalent to 10 hours of training or formal instruction. These are distributed for structured, relevant professional training above and beyond that of initial certification or employment in a particular field.

Technical Sessions:

WEF offers Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for participation in technical sessions. A PDH is defined as one hour spent engaged in an activity that contributes to the advancement or enhancement of professional skills or scientific knowledge of a professional engineer or operator.

When Will I Receive Credits For this Conference?

Certificates will be available immediately upon receiving the website link after the conference.

Please keep in mind that although WEF does provide these files, most states will require the individual licensee to report continuing education credits.

Note: Educational Credits will not be recorded, and documentation will not be distributed unless the attendee is a confirmed registrant of this event and the proper steps are is completed as indicated in the directions provided.

Are WEF Continuing Education Credits Approved in My State?

WEF applies for approval in many states and will be happy to work with individuals and Member Associations for additional state or agency approvals upon request.  In addition, WEF has been approved as a Training Provider through the following:

The Florida Board of Professional Engineers, the New York State Department of Education, and the Ohio EPA.  Several states typically accept WEF PDH and CEU credits without issue. For example: California (CWEA), Florida and New Jersey.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

WEF follows the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) guidelines along with state-specific regulations to achieve strict policies and procedures regarding its Continuing Education Program. WEF calculates education credits following a standardized method that is the most widely accepted by certification and licensing agencies. However, many states differ in the type and/or number of credits they will approve for educational events. Because of this, participants are responsible for exploring their state requirements and for ensuring that WEF conference credits are accepted.

Service and Support…

In keeping with IACET guidelines, WEF maintains a database of all continuing education files for a minimum of 7 years. You may contact WEF’s Customer Service Team between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday to request these files. Please call 1-800-666-0206 or submit an email request to [email protected]

State Credit Calculations:

*Some state licensing boards will accept CEUs for session under 3 hours in length. Some use different acronyms for training credits. In most instances the credits issued by WEF can be converted to meet state specific requirements that vary from the system used by WEF. This is usually managed at the state level using the following conversion:

1.0 CEU = 10 Hours of session time
1.0 PDH = 1 Hour of session time
1.0 Contact Hour = 1 Hour of session time
For example: 1.7 CEU Credits = 17.0 PDH depending on individual state regulations.

*CEU & PDH credits are available for Workshops to Professional Engineers licensed in the state of New York (NYSED). 

For more information regarding WEF’s Continuing Education Program, please visit www.wef.org/StormwaterGI

Your Event Experience

WEF’s Vision: A community of empowered professionals creating a healthy global water environment.

Core Values: Leadership, Passion, Scholarship, Collaboration and Service


WEF Policies
WEF respects and takes the broadest view of human diversity and inclusion, and is committed to providing a professional, safe, and welcoming environment at its meetings and events for all water professionals and their guests. WEF expects all sponsors, speakers, attendees, media, exhibitors and other participants to uphold our commitment to diversity and inclusion by helping us provide a positive environment for everyone. Download WEF's official policies to learn more:

Non-Discrimination and Harassment

Diversity and Inclusivity


Safety and Security
WEF works hard to provide a comfortable and safe environment during our meetings and events, including contracting with private security firms and off-duty police officers when required. Your help also is needed to provide a safe and secure environment. WEF recommends that you follow these safety guidelines:

  1. Share your plans. Advise a family member or friend of your travel plans, including the dates you will be gone, how you will travel to the meeting or event, and where you are staying;
  2. Protect your identity. Wear your name badge only inside the meeting or event venue; remove and secure your name badge when going to and from the venue; when disposing of your name badge, scratch out or destroy your name and/or the QR code to protect your personal information;
  3. Plan for an emergency. Be aware of your surroundings. Know where the nearest exists are located. Use the buddy system. Exchange contact information with another event attendee. In case of a venue evacuation, agree where you will meet up. Call for help if your buddy doesn’t meet up at the agreed location within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. See something, say something. If you see something that raises a safety or security concern, please follow the instructions printed on the back of your name badge to alert security personnel.

Reporting Concerns
If you have any concerns during a WEF event, please stop by the event registration area to speak with WEF staff, or you may email the WEF Executive Director Dr. Eileen O'Neill.