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In order to be sustainable, water service needs to be resilient to manage acute and chronic disruptions. Natural and anthropogenic challenges include floods, earthquakes, refugee and evacuee influx, droughts, sea level rise, climate change, shrinking customer base, energy crisis, changing workforce, aging infrastructure, and pandemics. This 7th edition of the JSWA/EWA/WEF specialty conference series will explore ways to make water services more resilient.

JSWA, EWA, and WEF have identified the following six sessions to be presented at this conference: 

  • Resiliency for Climate Change and more
  • Innovative Solutions for Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Transform and Build Back Better
  • Smart Water Strategies
  • Lessons Learned from Real-life Disruptions
  • Innovative Analysis and Tools

The full program is now available! Click the link below to learn more about these technical sessions being offered in Sendai City. 



How to register: Send your name, affiliation, e-mail address and phone number to [email protected] before 14th October 2022.

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