• President Trump, Congress Announce Deal to End Shutdown

    On Jan. 25, President Trump announced a deal with Democrats to end the shutdown. Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is in direct talks with the White House over finalizing the language. The deal would be a CR for three weeks, which would include the current level of fencing and wall repair money ($1.3 billion for the year.) There are still issues over the backpay provisions that any agreement would include, one source says. Once it's passed, lawmakers would have three weeks to reach an agreement that addresses President Trump's border wall funding request.

  • Senate Panel Schedules Confirmation Vote for Andrew Wheeler

    On Jan. 24, a Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee spokesperson confirmed a confirmation vote will be held on February 5 for Acting-EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, who President Trump nominated on Jan. 9 to head the agency. Wheeler has served as Acting Administrator since July 2018, when then-Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned. Wheeler needs confirmation by the full Senate to be elevated to the Administrator position.

  • House Members Launch PFAS Task Force

    On Jan. 23, a bipartisan group of House lawmakers, led by Reps. Dan Kildee (D-MI) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) unveiled a House task force to address perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS. The chemicals have been used to manufacture nonstick and stain-resistant coatings in clothing, fast-food wrappers, carpets, and other consumer and industrial products. The task force will work to raise the profile of cleaning up pervasive chemicals in our water supplies, as well as educate House members and staff on the latest science and regulatory changes to curb the chemicals.

  • Civil Penalties for Polluters Drops 85 Percent

    In the past, EPA watchdog groups have issued reports claiming that during the Trump Administration, EPA is going easy on polluters. In the two decades before Trump took office, EPA civil fines were more than $500 million a year (when adjusted for inflation) collected from companies and individuals charged with violating environmental laws. In fiscal year 2018, $72 million in fines were collected – an 85% decline and the lowest in 25 years.

  • WEF to Again Offer Scholarship for Young Professionals to Attend the April Fly-In

    With more participation, reach and impact than ever, you will not want to miss the 2019 National Water Policy Fly-In! As the Trump administration and 116th Congress turn their collective focus towards infrastructure investment – a bipartisan issue – it is crucial that policymakers hear directly from YOU about the challenges your utility, agency and community face; and that sound policy and robust investment in water are critical for all Americans right now.