• WIFIA Program Issues Seventh Loan to City of Baltimore

    On Feb. 25, EPA announced the WIFIA program closed its seventh loan to the City of Baltimore, making EPA’s total of credit assistance nearly $2 billion. The City of Baltimore $202 million loan will be used to complete a program of 14 projects to repair, rehabilitate, and replace existing wastewater conveyances, update treatment plants, and manage stormwater. In turn, this will better protect public health and water quality for 1.8 million Baltimore residents.

  • Administration Accuses Russia of Cyberattacks on Water Systems

    Mar. 16: On March 15, the Trump Administration accused Russia of creating a series of cyberattacks on American and European water and electric systems, as well as nuclear power plants. These cyberattacks could sabotage or shut off the plants—and are seen by US officials and private firms as a signal Russia could disrupt our critical facilities in the event of a conflict.