The House of Delegates is the deliberative and representational body of the Federation. It advises the Board on matters of strategic direction and public policy development and has authority to elect and remove Trustees only to the extent provided for in the Bylaws.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact the following WEF Staff:

Kelsey Hurst
E-mail: [email protected]
Ph: 703-684-2477

Dianne Crilley
E-mail: [email protected]
Ph: 703-684-2445

Nikita Lingenfelter - Speaker

Job Title: Supervisor, Bureau of Federal Facilities Nikita Lingenfelter, Speaker-Elect, House of Delegates
Company: Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
City and State: Las Vegas, Nevada
Member Association: Nevada Water Environment Association

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Steven Drangsholt, Speaker-Elect

Job Title: NW Infrastructure Market Sales Leader
City and State: Boise, ID
Member Association: Pacific Northwest CWA

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HOD Work Groups

Conference Resources Workgroup

  • Workgroup Leader - Anthony Giovannone, Delegate-at-Large

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workgroup

  • Workgroup Leader - Donnell Duncan, Delegate-at-Large

Federal Advocacy Workgroup

  • Workgroup Leader - Susan Sullivan, Delegate-at-Large

Financial Diversification Workgroup

  • Workgroup Leader - Chris Schmit, South Dakota WEA


HOD Committees

Budget Committee

  • Members:
    • Brian Shannon, Chair 
    • Tom Galeziewski, Vice Chair 
      • Daniel Slagle
      • Chris Schmit
      • Kristi Steiner
      • Geoff Baldwin

Nominating Committee

  • Members:
    • Timothy Ware, Chair
      • Patty Kennedy
      • Susan Sullivan
      • Paul Maron
      • David Galbraith
      • Jeremy Brashears

Outreach Committee

  • Members:
    • Peter Cavagnaro, Co-Chair
    • Chris Enloe, Co-Chair 
      • Matt Formica
      • Leigh Cerda
      • Frederic Smith

Steering Committee

  • Members:
    • Nikita Lingenfelter, Chair
    • Steven Drangsholt, Vice Chair
      • Sue Guswa
      • Anthony Giovannone
      • Alexandria Kindrick
      • Scott Foley
      • Doug Pike

WEFMAX Committee

  • Members:
    • Mike Milius, Chair 
    • Stefanie Farrell, Vice Chair 
      • Peter Garvey
      • Jeff Berlin
      • Kevin Wood