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This library offers a depository of MA and WEF presentations by topic as presented at a WEFMAX

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WEF Presentations

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WEFMAX Meetings 
2015 DATES            MA HOST  LOCATION 
April 15 - 17  Virginia WEA   Virginia Beach, VA
April 29 - May 1             Missouri WEA   Kansas City, MO
May 13 - 15  Pacific Northwest CWA                 Coeur d'Alene, ID
May 27 - 29  Reseau Environnement   Quebec City, Quebec       

Future WEFMAX Hosts
March 16 - 18  hosted by the Florida WEA
April 6 - 8 hosted by the Pennsylvania WEA
May 4 - 6 hosted by the Illinois WEA
May 18 - 20 hosted by the  Rocky Mountain WEA

2017: Ohio, Puerto Rico, Texas, Western Canada
2018: Alaska, Hawaii, North Carolina
2019: Alabama, British Columbia, Kentucky-Tennessee
2020: WEA of South Carolina

WEFMAX means WEF Member Association (MA) Exchange 
WEFMAX is a WEF budgeted annual program offering Member Association leaders an opportunity to attend one of four meetings each year that provides a forum to learn what is new from WEF and provides sessions for ongoing exchange of MA information.  Member Associations volunteer to jointly sponsor with WEF a WEFMAX meeting. 

How are WEFMAX MA Hosts Selected?
All you need to do is let WEF know you are interested and provide the year. Check out the WEFMAX Host Resource Center for information on what is required to host WEFMAX.  Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley if interested in hosting.

Fast Facts -  Each MA is encouraged to develop a one-page (front/back) 'Fast Facts' sheet providing their historical statistics and current information.  Be creative with format, use your MA logo, and know your fact sheet will be valued as a good resource to share with fellow MA leaders and offers the opportunity to showcase your MA programs to the public.  Fact sheets will be posted on and updated on an annual basis.  MAs are encouraged to bring 50 copies to share with the WEFMAX attendees.

The House of Delegates WEFMAX Committee offers a sample Fast Facts sheet as a guide for creating your MA information.  We hope it will be helpful.  Start planning now!  Submit your annual Fast Facts sheet to WEF Staff, Dianne Crilley

WEFMAX Format - Plan to experience an enhanced and more in-depth sharing of information based on topics that WEF MAs have said are important.  The HOD WEFMAX Committee and WEF Staff will solicit topics from MA Leaders in the fall prior to the WEFMAX year.  Topics will be reviewed and the top three topics will be announced each year in January.  There will be 5 Dialog sessions at each WEFMAX.  One session will be led by the MA Host based on a topic of local interest followed by group discussion time.  The next three sessions will offer the opportunity for two MAs to present per session and then one session will be used to continue conversations. The fifth session will be an open session led by a Delegate positioned on the WEFMAX Committee that offers an open forum discussing at least 3 topics.  Ideally we look to offer one session on a challenge and one on a success story per topic followed by group discussions and sharing of similar experiences/comments/suggested solutions.  The HOD WEFMAX Committee will work to identify MAs who want to present on these topics based on the topic information submitted. 

Questions or Comments?

Please contact the following WEF Staff:

Dianne Crilley
Ph: 703-684-2445

Kelsey Hurst
Ph: 703-684-2477

Linda Kelly
Ph: 812-883-0072