WEFCOM Instructions

WEFCOM is an online community hosted by the Water Environment Federation. WEFCOM will serve as a virtual workspace, empowering WEF members to network and collaborate in an online environment. Click on one of the icons below to read instructions for that section. Also check out the Blogs and Events section. If you have a question about WEFCOM, please email wefcom@wef.org.


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Logging In

Navigate to wefcom.wef.org. Use your WEF login credentials to enter the site. Your user name is the email address you have registered with WEF. If you’ve forgotten your password, have not set up a password, or want to change your password, click reset password, and instructions will be emailed to you. If you have trouble logging in, please email csc@wef.org




User Agreement

The first time that you log in to WEFCOM, you will be asked to agree to a set rules and etiquette. If you would like to read this again, please click here.



Your WEFCOM profile allows you to showcase your experience as you would on LinkedIn or similar networking sites.





WEFCOM communities are where the magic happens. In communities, you will find water professionals with the same interests with whom you can start discussions and exchange resources and ideas. On the community homepage, also find the group’s upcoming events and announcements.



* When you enter the My Communities area, you will see communities to which you belong. There are several communities open to all members, such as the All Member Community and the Webcasts and Online Courses community. WEF’s 16 technical committees are shown, and serve as a discussion forum for those topic areas. However, in order to join and subscribe to one of those communities, you must apply to be a member of the committee.

 WEF's 16 Technical Committees 



The directory contains a searchable listing of all WEF member profiles. However, by default, WEFCOM shows only the person’s name, city, state, company and WEF activities. If you would like to show more or less information on your profile, you can change your privacy settings, as shown in the video in the profile section above. 



Discussions in WEFCOM communities are a forum for information exchange—ask questions of fellow experts, share tips or resources, and more. The discussions also function as a listserv. If you ever need to contact all members of your community, use the discussions. If you are a member of a committee, you will automatically receive a daily compilation of the discussions posted. If you would like to receive messages more or less frequently, you can manage your subscriptions as shown in the video below. See the instruction manual for more details.

 * In order to join the listserv or discussion of any of our technical committees, you must apply to be a member of the committee.



The libraries in each WEFCOM community are similar to Google Docs in that you can share educational materials and resources with other professionals in your field. Library materials can include articles, presentations, images, audio, or video, as long as you do not violate the copyright by sharing. 


Events & Blog

Events. Upcoming community events will show up on the homepage for that community. Events you are attending may even be added to your personal calendar. Events, such as conferences and webcasts, for all WEF members will show in the events box on the homepage. A listing of all events can be found by clicking the events tab. 


Blog. Blogs are housed under the blogs tab under the 'Browse' menu option, but those attributed to a community will also show up on the community homepage. Use the community blog to share information that could be helpful for the WEF community at large.



WEFCOM Mobile App

The WEFCOM mobile app gives you a new way to access the WEF network—through your mobile device! Access WEFCOM while away from the computer by searching and downloading MemberCentric from your device’s app store. Open the app, then find the Water Environment Federation. Use the app to post and read discussions and to view upcoming events, WEF member profiles, announcements and more. Find a quick start 2-page guide here, or check out the training video below.