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The Water Environment Federation is the not for profit association that has provided technical education and training for the world’s water quality professionals since 1928. The Federation has 36,000 individual members and 75 affiliated Member Associations who support its mission to provide bold leadership, champion innovation, connect water professionals, and leverage knowledge to support clean and safe water worldwide. We are the Water Quality People. 

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Visit, the website aimed at encouraging green careers in the water field.

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The Water Environment Federation aims to provide its members with the latest water quality research and technology through WEFTEC, as well as our publications, conferences, and other training opportunities.

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On the Work for Water website, students and job seekers can explore green careers, and utilities will find a clearinghouse of resources for recruiting in the wonderful world of water.

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Public-Information-Waterfall.jpgClean water is critical for sustaining life, yet polluted water and inadequate sanitation kills at least two children every minute worldwide. And even in the United States, where wastewater treatment is relatively advanced compared to some other countries, many people take the flow of water in and out of their homes for granted. Where does it all go after we flush the toilet or pull the plug on the drain? What’s more, how does this used water get cleaned and safely find its way back into the environment?

The answer is your local water resource recovery facility, which operates 24/7 to make sure your community’s wastewater is treated properly and released back into waterways such as lakes, streams, rivers, where it flows to one of the great oceans or lakes. It can also be used again along the way for irrigation, commercial or residential use, groundwater replenishment, and even drinking water, or it evaporates into the atmosphere and returns as rain in some other part of the world. Water is used over and over again, and thousands of water quality professionals around the world work to protect its quality and cleanliness.

For an easy-to-read description of how wastewater is treated, check out Following the Flow: An Inside Look at Wastewater Treatment, a full color booklet available at no charge.


WATER'S WORTH IT™ is a public awareness campaign about the value and importance of water.  

Water's Worth It 

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Educational program about the importance and value of investing in water and wastewater infrastructure. 

World’s most prestigious youth award for a water-related science project.

World Water Monitoring Challenge is an international outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world. 
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The Water Environment Federation aims to provide its members with the latest water quality research and technology through WEFTEC, as well as our publications, conferences, and other training opportunities.