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Water Environment & Technology Magazine (WE&T) 

WE&T is the premier magazine for the water quality field. Your advertisement in WE&T will reach more than 38,000 in print plus an additional 6,000 digital subscribers giving a total of over 44,000 key buyers of water and wastewater treatment products, including every member of the Water Environment Federation and WEFTEC® attendees.  





World Water

Published by WEF Publishing U.K. Ltd., World Water offers today's busy water engineer/executive an overview of what is happening in the world of water supply, distribution, and wastewater treatment. Its printed and digital circulation of over 21,000 reaches top decision makers in every region of the world. Plus, World Water's Chinese edition, published quarterly in Chinese, reaches over 15,000 professionals and ensures that you get complete global coverage. 



World Water: Water Reuse & Desalination

Published in collaboration with the WateReuse Association (USA), this quarterly journal reaches nearly 22,000 key industry professionals, and focuses on the increasing demand of all technologies and services within the water reuse and desalination field. Increasing pressure on the world's water resources is driving the demand in these two sectors which are experiencing dynamic growth within the global water industry. 



World Water: Stormwater Management

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce that Stormwater Management will now be published bi-monthly. Significant growth in stormwater investment is anticipated in many countries as government and industry sectors are ready to invest in stormwater technology and infrastructure solutions. It will cover this emerging global market focusing on current solutions that will help manage runoff and stormwater flows on municipal, industrial, and commercial lands.  



The NEW WEF Buyer's Guide -- Built and Operated by WEF 

Build a content-driven profile for industry professionals to search, discover, and connect with your products and services. More than 100,000 water quality professionals visit each month. Reach them all with a profile on the new Buyer’s Guide. Profiles include product and brand videos, case studies, white papers, and research, customized branded display graphics, blog or press feed tools to maximize your SEO, product/service information, pictures, & links, company social channels and recent posts, staff bios for quick customer connection.  Banners, category sponsorships, and priority placements are also available. 





The largest water quality conference and exhibition in the world, and one of the top 100 trade shows in the United States. With more than 20,000 attendees, and 1,000 exhibitors, WEFTEC is truly the event of the year for the water and wastewater industry. Reach these buyers before, during, and after the show by advertising in these WEFTEC vehicles:

 • Conference Announcement- promote your WEFTEC booth early with an ad in the offical WEFTEC Conference Announcement. Published in May, the printed version will be mailed to 50,000 prospective attendees, plus an additional 90,000 will be delivered electronically.
Official Conference Program and Exhibitors Guide- distributed onsite to every attendee, the program is the primary repository of all the information attendees need to know including times and locations of events and workshops, the full technical program, exhibit descriptions, and the exhibit hall floorplan.
WEFTEC Daily Newspaper-a tabloid-sized news publication that will be printed overnight and actively distributed each morning during the show. A completely different issue is produced each day. It includes timely coverage of the day's events and recps the previous day's highlights. 
Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) WEFTEC Issues- WE&T is published by WEF, the producer of WEFTEC, and is the official publication of WEFTEC. With ads in the WE&T WEFTEC show issues, you can reach attendees before, during, and after the biggest event of the year in the magazine read by more attendees than any other. August is the WEFTEC Preview issue, September is the WEFTEC Show issue (the largest of the year), and December is the WEFTEC Wrap-Up issue.   

 WEFTEC Enhanced:

Product Showcase Email- an e-mail and web-based promotion that goes to all WEFTEC pre-registrants. Two email blasts are sent, the first is two weeks before the show, and then another one week before the show.
Exhibitor Directory Logo Enhancement - your company logo will dramatically increase the visibility of your company's listings published in the Conference Program, September WE&T, and in the WEFTEC Mobile App. the official website of WEFTEC offers skyscraper banner ads in two different sizes. A rotating pool of a maximum of 15 banners per size are mirrored on hundreds of pages throughout the website.  


WEF StormwaterReport

Showcase your Company’s Innovative Products and Services in WEF’s Stormwater Outlets. Banner ads are available for both the E-Newsletter and the Website.

  • Stormwater Report E-Newsletter - The Stormwater Report is a monthly e-newsletter delivered to over 15,000 U.S. based stormwater focused professionals.
  • Stormwater Report Website - THE BRAND NEW stormwater website is WEF’s main source for delivering the latest news and information on all things stormwater.


Electronic Media: the WEF official website offers two sizes of skyscraper banners with a maximun of 15 banners per size. Banners rotate on literally hundreads of pages throughout the site which receive 100,000 visits per month by 60,000 unique visitors.
• WaterLog E-Newsletter- this bi-weekly E-Newsletter is sent to more than 80,000 WEF members and customers and includes information on upcoming events, training opportunities, and many other topics that WEF members want and need to know. 
WEF Technology Platform: Showcase your company’s leading-edge products and services via the WEF Technology Platform. It is an e-mail that goes to 100,000 industry professionals including WEF members, WEFTEC attendees, and WE&T, World Water and World Water; Water Reuse and Desalination subscribers.   


The WEF Webcast Program is a cost effective and efficient way to promote your company, a newly developed technology, and products and services to a highly engaged community of water professionals from around the world. These afternoon webcasts are attended by students, wastewater operators, government officials, international government agencies, utility directors and leaders in the water profession who know and respect WEF as the leader in water education and experts in the science associated with it. Contact your sales representative listed below for more information.


For more information on any of these advertising opportunities, contact your sales representative listed below!



WEF and WEF Publishing UK Advertising Contacts  

WEF Publishing UK Headquarters (London) 

  WEF Headquarters (Alexandria, VA, USA) 

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  WEF Buyer's Guide

  Jenny Grigsby
  703-684-2451 or
North-Eastern U.S. & Canada Sales Office    Europe, Asia, and Middle East  
 Dave Mathews and Vickie Bobo    Sid James
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