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How will our Sani/SWM services change by 2050?
Stephen Lampert
Posted: Thursday, December 8, 2011 6:38 PM
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 My City Managerhas recently asked how Sani/SWM services will change by 2050. I could really use some futuristic ideas/predictions from the forum. I need to answer him by the end of day Friday, December 9. Thanks for any help on this.



“What will City services look like in 2050?  Specifically, how will the services your department provides change by 2050?” 


As specialists in your field, what trends, technologies, or service requirements do you foresee as emerging or necessary. 


Please reply with any ideas that you would like included by end-of-day Friday, December 9th.  Your input will likely affect future decisions on how the City is run or how this department may conduct its business. 


Thank you for your participation.