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flow meter calibration - that is requires reporting to the regulators?
Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 9:55 PM
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In Hawaii, we have an NPDES Permit Standard Condition issued by our State Department of Health that requires periodic calibration (6 months interval or more if required by the manufacturer).  Our NPDES permit requires the monitoring of the treatment plant's influent and effluent flow continuously.  

During a recent calibration event, it took the techs longer to perform the work than usual.  Do you folks have a similar language in your permit that requires continuous flow monitoring and if so, how do you folks handle the situation when a calibration is performed. Do you folks submit a notice to the regulatory agency when an interruption is performed for the calibration and if its longer than usual do you folks submit a noncompliance?  Do you folks have redundant flow meter to meet the continuous flow provision of your permit?