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Average Winter Consumption/Sewer Cap
Posted: Monday, August 1, 2011 9:39 AM
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I'm working to put together information about industry practices related to sewer billing. Do any of you use an AWC number for billing with it acting as the sewer cap?


In other words, the sewer charges billed are either based on the lower of your AWC or actual water use?


Dean Falkner
Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 6:40 PM
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Great question!


There are multiple issues that are worth consideration.  They include:


FIXED FEES:  More often than not, utilities attempt to divide expenses for all sorts of issues against BOD, SS, NH3, P, and flow.  The fact is, there's no legitimate way to assess many fixed fees against these parameter.  They're overhead.  Examples include:  City Adminstration, Sewer Billing, Utility Management, and sewer cleaning have nothing to do with those parameters.  Address this issue and the volume charges become less significant.


I&I:  People want a summer credit, but flows don't go down in the summer.  The fact is, many folks have illegal connections to the collection system (sump pumps etc).  Why give a credit if the folks actual flow increases????


BE CREATIVE:  If you want folks to allow clear water inspections, install rain water containers, stormwater control....why not offer a credit on the summer sewer bill on the basis of meeting a given performance.  Perhaps it's worth having the service lateral televised to identify ones that need replacement.  Carrying it to the next step...give them a credit for eliminating clear water by lining the lateral.


Thanks for the've got me thinking for our application!!!!


Dean Falkner