Table of Contents 
Volume 2 – 2007
ISSN 1932-8591  


 Toxicity and Bioaccumulation of Nanomaterial in Aquatic Species 
   Jingyuan Luo
   Hamilton High School   
   Chandler, Arizona    
   Nominated by the Arizona Water & Pollution Control Association

Algicide Resistance in the Growth Rate and Toxin Production of a Coastal Harmful Algal Cyanobacterium, Microcystis aeruginosa
   Yupeng Liu
   Academic Magnet High School
   Charleston, South Carolina
   Nominated by the South Carolina Water Environment Association


Quantification, Removal and Recovery of the Teflon® Surfactant APFO  
   Kelydra Welcker
   Parkersburg South High School
   Parkersburg, West Virginia
   Nominated by the West Virginia Water Environment Association


Active Ingredient in Oral Contraceptives (17α-ethinylestradiol) Alters Male Competitive Courtship Behaviors and Secondary Sexual Characteristics in Fathead Minnows (Pimephales promelas) 
   Jordyn Wolfand
   Montgomery Blair High School
   Bethesda, Maryland
   Nominated by the Chesapeake Water Environment Association

The Light Factor: The Relationship of Bivalve Shell Composition and Color 
   Megan O'Brien
   Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
   Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
   Nominated by the Central States Water Environment Association
Enhancing Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sediments from Kearny Marsh, New Jersey 
   Brian Shell
   High Technology High School
   Aberdeen, New Jersey
   Nominated by the New Jersey Water Environment Association

Removal of Arsenic from Water Using Ground Clam Shells   
   Demetra Tsiamis
   Bronx High School of Science
   New York, New York
   Nominated by the New York Water Environment Association

Identification and Quantification of Estrogen Receptor Agonists in Maine Lakes  
   Jennifer Rowe
   Bangor High School
   Bangor, Maine
   Nominated by the New England Water Environment Association



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