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April 2011, Vol. 48, No. 3

Top Story

Treatment Possible: Low-Flow and LEED-Certified

Highway rest stops equipped with low-flow fixtures, geothermal energy, and more

LEED Rest Stop - Landscape Small Designing a wastewater system that meets extreme flow variations and handles high concentrations is hard enough, but when you add in low-flow fixtures, you’ve got a real page-turner for the wastewater enthusiast.

“The real story is the facility,” said Sarah Ridgway, engineering manager at EA Engineering, Science, and Technology Inc. (Hunt Valley, Md.). “It’s designed to meet all the challenges the low-flow fixtures create,” she added.  

The state-of-the-art South Mountain Welcome Centers, located on either side of Interstate Highway 70 in Myersville, Md., are heated and cooled by geothermal systems. The design/build project was awarded Silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification in September. 
The South Mountain Welcome Center incorporates green elements including the enhanced nutrient removal of its dual-train pre-engineered sequencing batch reactor. Photo courtesy of Maryland State Highway Administration. Click for larger image.


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They Like It. They Really Like It!

At a recent Singapore National Day celebration, 60,000 people packed into the small island-nation’s National Stadium were treated to a free bottle of water which, by all accounts, they drank without complaint.

Is that news? Not ordinarily, but this wasn’t just any bottled water. It was NEWater, Singapore’s own brand of reclaimed water.  

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From the President: Introducing WEF’s New Executive Director and Outlining WEF’s Educational Resources

As many of you know by now, the Water Environment Federation (WEF®; Alexandria, Va.) has a new executive director, Jeff Eger. He joins us after working for 16 years as executive director for Sanitation District (SD)-1 in Northern Kentucky. 

Jeff has a wide variety of experience spanning all of the areas in which our membership is involved. Some highlights from his tenure at SD-1 include supervision of the regionalization of 30 municipal sanitary sewer systems, responsibility for the development and implementation of a regional stormwater management program to comply with federal regulations, and negotiation of a unique watershed-based consent decree with state and federal officials — as well as initiation of the design and construction of two new regional wastewater treatment plants.

Jeff will be attending all WEFMAX meetings, so many of you will get to meet him there. You also will have an opportunity to meet him at WEFTEC® in Los Angeles Oct. 15–19. I encourage you to get to know him and learn about his experiences first-hand.   
Jeanette Brown Small
Jeanette Brown, 2010–2011 WEF President.


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World Water Monitoring Day Celebrated in 85 Countries

Students in Indonesia check dissolved oxygen levels with their World Water Monitoring Day kit. Photo courtesy of Tias Arlianti. Click for larger image.
WWMD 1 SmallThe international education and outreach program World Water Monitoring Day (WWMD) builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources by engaging individuals and groups, such as schools and community organizations, in basic monitoring of local waterbodies.

While officially observed on Sept. 18, WWMD activities took place from March through December last year. WWMD participants sampled their local lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, estuaries, and other waterbodies for the four key water quality indicators of dissolved oxygen, acidity, temperature, and clarity. Some groups also monitored for the presence of macroinvertebrates, which are aquatic organisms that can be used to indicate the health of a waterway, such as dragonflies, mayflies, and scuds.


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Tell Us What You Think of the New WE&T

The September 2010 issue of WE&T marked the launch of the redesigned magazine. We hoped you would like the new format — after all, we based our redesign decisions on reader surveys, emphasizing the most popular sections of the magazine — but also realized that change can be difficult. Sometimes, it takes a while to get used to something new.

So, now about 7 months later, we want to know what you think. Your honest opinions, both good and bad, will help us continue to make improvements that better serve our readers.

Tell us, what do you think about the redesigned WE&T? Take the brief survey.