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February 2012, Vol. 49, No. 1

Top Story

Giving a Boost to the Water Technology Market

On Jan. 24, the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) participated in a water technology roundtable discussion held at the U.S. Department of Commerce. The roundtable included not only water and wastewater associations, but also manufacturers of water technology products, engineering firms, and representatives from various federal agencies including the Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The goal of the discussion was to determine how federal agencies could better coordinate to best support the U.S. water technology industry as these companies try to advance in the global market. 

Because of climate change, increased global water scarcity and the growing demand for water for industrial development in countries such as China and India, water availability and water treatment technologies will become even more important in the future, said roundtable moderator Nicole Lamb-Hale, assistant secretary for Manufacturing and Services at the Department of Commerce. “What types of things can we do to help level the playing field for you overseas?” Lamb-Hale asked roundtable participants.

“There is great potential for the water industry to promote itself as a resource recovery industry,” said Jeff Eger, WEF executive director. But in order to do that, the water industry needs more federal government support, he said. Eger gave the example of how some international participants at WEFTEC® 2011 in Los Angeles had received travel subsidies from their governments to attend. “Something similar like monetary support for our companies to go overseas would be good,” he said.

Some roundtable participants identified present tax laws as an obstacle to companies working overseas. Others said it was the corruption in local governments that can include graft and outright fraud.

“The global consulting business in underdeveloped countries can mean more potential, but also more risk,” said Alan J. Krause, chief executive officer of MWH Global (Broomfield, Colo.).

Sometimes U.S. contractors either are not paid for their work or encounter a lot of bureaucracy that delays payment, the participants said. This has led some companies to pull out of the market in developing countries entirely.  
Jeff Eger
Jeff Eger, WEF executive director, participated in a water technology roundtable in January.

Better monitoring by the federal government of aid given to developing countries for the building and improvement of water and wastewater facilities would help tremendously. Also, to level the playing field in the water technology sector, the federal government should provide more funding for research and development and provide a more central point of contact that companies can go to seek assistance or funding, they said.

At the end of the discussion, Lamb-Hale announced that the federal government has plans to launch for the water industry an interagency initiative much like the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Exporter Initiative that was launched in December 2010. The key areas of focus for the initiative will be financing, market access, identifying market opportunities, and improving federal government services to domestic companies.
— LaShell Stratton‒Childers, Highlights
WEF Board Approves Revised Position Statement on Biosolids Recycling and Resource Recovery
The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) Board of Trustees has approved a revised position statement that calls for innovative and beneficial uses of biosolids. The statement expands on WEF’s existing support of federally regulated land application by encouraging a comprehensive approach to wastewater treatment and solids management that ensures the recycling and recovery of all associated resources, including water, nutrients, organic matter, and energy.

“As a natural byproduct of wastewater treatment, WEF recognizes that biosolids is a renewable resource that is too valuable to waste, given our growing needs for renewable energy and sustainability,” said WEF Executive Director Jeff Eger. “The adoption of this revised statement reflects WEF’s support of initiatives to ensure an expanded view of wastewater and solids management as well as our commitment to pursue innovation in water quality.”

To take full advantage of the inherent resource value of biosolids, WEF supports development of multiagency coordinated regulations that are based on sound research and best practices; advancements, innovation, and development of new technologies; recognition of the expanded role of wastewater and solids management; enhanced sharing of knowledge, both within the profession and with other organizations, the regulatory community, and the public; and continued research.
WEF Supports Water Entrepreneurship Through Partnership With Imagine H20
The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) in a new partnership with Imagine H20 (San Francisco) will encourage entrepreneurs to turn water challenges into innovative business opportunities through the Imagine H20 global business plan competition and accelerator program for water start-ups.

WEF will provide strategic support and resources for the competition and its winners, including looking for opportunities to encourage technical and business professionals to act as mentors for Imagine H2O’s winning companies and help publicize the competition and winners in its publications and relevant marketing efforts. Winners of the Imagine H20’s Wastewater Prize also will be featured at WEFTEC® 2012 in New Orleans.

“WEF recognizes that collaboration within the entrepreneurial community is an integral part of pursuing innovative approaches to water management, “ said Jeff Eger, WEF Executive Director. “We applaud Imagine H2O’s efforts to cultivate entrepreneurship and support business creation in the sector. We believe that this new partnership will create a bridge that will help us further our collective efforts to solve current and future global water challenges.” 
WEF Appoints Deputy Executive Director and New Chief Technical Officer
The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) announced the promotion of Eileen O’Neill to the position of deputy executive director and the promotion of Matthew Ries to chief technical officer. The announcement comes as the organization aligns resources to support emerging initiatives.

As deputy executive director, O’Neill will focus on pursuing innovation opportunities and global and academic relations, as well as supporting WEF Executive Director Jeff Eger in his responsibilities. Serving most recently as WEF’s chief technical officer, O’Neill joined WEF in 1991 as manager of industrial programs. “Eileen is a tremendous talent, and I am very excited about being able to work alongside her to fulfill many of our new strategic initiatives,” Eger said.

In his new assignment as chief technical officer, Ries will fulfill many of the responsibilities formerly held by O’Neill. This will include oversight of technical programming and development for WEFTEC®, as well as education, training, publications, and Web-based initiatives. Ries joined WEF in 2005, and he has been instrumental in launching WEF’s sustainability and stormwater initiatives. “Matt is well-qualified to take on this new assignment and a welcome addition to our leadership team,” Eger said.                                                                

“With Eileen and Matt in their new roles, WEF is even better positioned to drive opportunities for innovation in the water sector, enhance member services, education, and training, and increase awareness of the value of water,“ Eger said.
March Date Set For 2012 Water Matters! Fly-In
The 2012 Water Matters! Fly-In, a joint event hosted by the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA; Denver), will be held March 7–8.

On March 7, WEF and AWWA will be conducting issue briefings and discussions in the morning. Then delegates will visit their members of the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill and enjoy a reception held in the evening. On March 8, delegates will make more visits on Capitol Hill and participate in a debriefing luncheon to conclude the event.

The deadline for WEF Member Associations to name representatives is Feb. 3. After this time, representatives will not be able to book rooms at the headquarters hotel, the Hilton Arlington (Va.). For more information, contact Nick Bardis at nbardis@wef.org or (703) 684-2400, ext. 7731.
WEF Seeks Reviewers for Books

The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) seeks reviewers able to work closely with WEF staff to dedicate expertise and time to ensuring the development of high-quality published Manuals of Practice (MOPs) and textbooks according to the publication schedule. The following opportunities are available:

  • MOP 21, Automation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities, is being revised. The manual will focus on the elements of a complete automation design, including analysis of benefits, required design documents, an overview of process control strategies, and an extensive list of sensors. The chapter on sensors includes discussion of operating principles, materials, accuracy, and installation and maintenance requirements. Publication of the manual is set for August 2013. The project, being led by Bob Hill of the San Jacinto River Authority (Conroe, Texas), officially launched in November, and the first draft will be ready for review in May. If interested in serving as a reviewer, contact Britt Sheinbaum at bsheinbaum@wef.org.
  • MOP 29, Operation of Nutrient Removal Facilities (a revision of Biological Nutrient Removal [BNR] Operation in Wastewater Treatment Plants), will present significant biological features and biochemical reactions of microbes and their environmental (operational) conditions that promote nitrification, denitrification, fermentation, biological phosphorus release, and biological phosphorus uptake. This will be presented in addition to current engineering practices used for biological nutrient removal. Publication is set for August 2013. The project, being led by Michael Gerardi of the Cromaglass Corp. (Williamsport, Pa.), officially launched in December, and the first drafts will be ready for review in early June. If interested in serving as a reviewer, contact Britt Sheinbaum at bsheinbaum@wef.org.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design , a textbook based on the latest (2009) edition of Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (MOP 8), was originally published in 2003 and now is being updated to reflect changes in the industry. WEF’s Technical Practice Committee seeks reviewers for the book that currently includes the chapter titles “Fundamentals”; “The Design Process”; “Plant Hydraulics”; “Preliminary Treatment”; “Primary Treatment”; “Suspended-Growth Biological Treatment”; “Attached Growth Biological Treatment, Biological Nutrient Removal”; “Alternative Biological and Natural Treatment Systems”; “Physical–Chemical Treatment”; “Ancillary Processes”; “Production and Transport of Solids”; “Conditioning of Solids”; “Stabilization Processes”; “Thickening, Dewatering, and Drying Solids”; and “Beneficial Use and Ultimate Disposal”. The revised textbook is being edited by Tom Jenkins and Daniel Nolasco, and the first draft will be available for review in mid-May. If interested in serving as a reviewer, contact Lorna Ernst with a brief resume at lernst@wef.org.
WEF Introduces Water Leadership Institute
Water Leadership Institute Logo Small The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) has introduced the Water Leadership Institute (WLI). The program is designed to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, and professional commitment from future leaders of the water quality sector and to provide education, training, and networking to enable participants to build lasting relationships and develop the skills and knowledge needed to effect change in their organizations.

Through a blended learning approach that includes examination of complex water challenges, management training, and leadership development, WLI participants will build leadership skills.

Those chosen to participate in the 2012 program will receive program tuition, WEFTEC® 2012 conference registration, and a comprehensive curriculum delivered online by expert instructors from various public and private organizations.

“This exciting new program is a big step toward developing the leaders we need to protect and promote the value of water,” said WEF Executive Director Jeff Eger.

WLI is a WEF program endorsed by the American Water Works Association (Denver). For more information, see www.water-leadership-institute.org.

Meet WEF’s Newest Life Members
  • M. John Cullinane Jr., member since Jan. 1, 1972, Mississippi Water Environment Association. 
Life Member - John Cullinane
Photo courtesy of John Cullinane Jr.
  • William W. Kennedy, member since Jan. 1, 1976, California Water Environment Association.
Life Member - William W. Kennedy Final.jpg
Photo courtesy of William W. Kennedy.
  • Donald D. McHarness, member since Jan. 1, 1965, Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association.
Life Member - Don McHarness
Photo courtesy of Donald D. McHarness.
  • Ronald D. Neufeld, member since Jan. 1, 1970, Pennsylvania Water Environment Association.
Life Member - Ron Neufeld
Photo courtesy of Ronald D. Neufeld.
  • Ralph E. Oulton, member since Jan. 1, 1969, New England Water Environment Association.
Life Member - Ralph Oulton
Photo courtesy of Ralph E. Oulton.
  • Garret P. Westerhoff, member since Jan. 1, 1970, New Jersey Water Environment Association.
Life Member - Gary Westerhoff
Photo courtesy of Garret P. Westerhoff.
  • Robert S. Reimers, member since Jan. 1, 1970, Louisiana Water Environment Association.
  • George Rempel, member since Jan. 1, 1975, Western Canada Water Environment Association.
  • Oscar L. Rubio, member since Jan. 1, 1975, Florida Water Environment Association.
Register Now for These Educational Events
Third International Water Association (London)–Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) Wastewater Treatment Modelling Seminar 2012  
Feb. 26–28, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec

The seminar presents recent findings and successful case studies of applications of modeling to handle effluent limits for nutrients and other contaminants, plant-efficiency requirements, and climate change and emerging contaminant concerns with the aim of bringing together different approaches.

AWWA 2012 Sustainable Water Management Conference & Exposition
March 18–21, Marriott Portland (Ore.) Waterfront Hotel

The Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) is a partner with the American Water Works Association (Denver) for this conference that focuses on large-scale sustainability issues related to water supply and management topics, such as water conservation, urban planning and design, and sustainable utilities, infrastructure, and communities.

Register online before Feb. 17.

Residuals and Biosolids 2012: Advancing Residuals Management: Technologies and Applications
March 25–28, Raleigh (N.C.) Convention Center

Returning for its 26th year, this conference will highlight the latest approaches, practices, and techniques in residuals and biosolids management, as well as the beneficial use options, science, and technologies currently available to leverage biosolids as a valuable resource. In addition to 20 technical sessions, the conference features three workshops, an exhibition, and a facility tour. See the conference program for more details and attend the conference to earn up to 0.5 Continuing Education Units and 15 Professional Development Hours.

Receive super saver rate by registering by Feb. 15; reserve hotels at conference rates by March 4; and register online by March 14.

Odors and Air Pollutants 2012
April 15–18, Kentucky International Convention Center (Louisville)

The conference features presentations, interactive discussions, posters, workshops, and exhibits focusing on real-life experience and lessons learned. See the conference brochure for program details.

Register online by March 14 to receive the super saver rate or by April 4 to register in advance.
WEF Urges Support for State Revolving Fund Programs
The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) joined the American Water Works Association (Denver) and the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (Washington, D.C.) to issue a statement urging the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife to continue strong federal support of the existing State Revolving Fund programs. Issued on Dec. 13, the statement advocates the enactment of a Water Infrastructure and Innovations Act to reduce the costs of critical water infrastructure projects.
WEF Member Association Releases Handbook for Working With Community Officials
The Michigan Water Environment Association (Bath) has produced the Wastewater Management Handbook for Community Officials. This brochure gives an overview of wastewater treatment and is intended to provide local officials with a brief description of what processes might be used at their wastewater plants.
Sneak Peak at Additional Educational Opportunities in 2012
Collection Systems 2012: Show Me the Green — Confluence of Planning, Implementation, and Regulations  
June 3–6, St. Louis Convention Center

The conference will describe how to improve the effectiveness of organizations in relation to combined and separate sanitary sewer collection systems. It will feature an interactive workshop, technical sessions, facility tours, and exhibits. See the technical program.

Stormwater Symposium 2012
July 18–20, Sheraton Baltimore City Center

The event will focus on national issues, including the proposed national stormwater rulemaking, regional issues, developing technologies, and management approaches key to growing and evolving the topic of stormwater.
Register To Attend a WEFMAX Meeting

Register now to attend one of the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) 2012 WEFMAX meetings. At these meetings, WEF leaders have the opportunity to discuss challenges, share successes, and become acquainted with WEF staff and Member Association leaders. This year’s meetings feature a new format to deliver attendees an enhanced and more in-depth sharing of information on topics that WEF Member Associations identified as important. There will be four dialogue sessions at each meeting on selected topics. The following meetings are scheduled:

Global Opportunities for New Markets and Sales

International Pavillion Program

The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) International Pavilions provide companies with a cost-effective direct marketing opportunity to introduce and distribute products and services into the global market. WEF International Pavilions give businesses with development plans in the Middle East, China, Singapore, and Europe an opportunity to exhibit under the WEF banner in a prime location and reach out to thousands of new potential customers.

Water Today India 2012

Feb. 7–9, Chennai, India 

The event provides access to the Indian water market, which exceeds $8 billion and is continuing to grow at 10% to 12% every year. In 2011, this event featured 16,000 attendees from 63 countries and 252 exhibiting companies from 25 countries.

IFAT + China Water Show 2012
March 7–9, Shanghai

The Chinese government will allocate $454 billion to environmental protection in the course of the next 5 years. The show, which in 2010 attracted 22,000 attendees from 84 countries and 839 exhibiting companies from 26 countries, provides access to this growing environmental industry.

WETEX Dubai 2012
March 13–15, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The 2011 show grew 40% from 2010, featuring 9900 attendees from 63 countries and 420 exhibiting companies from 28 countries. The 2012 show will tackle energy conservation, water, and electricity issues and provides access to the United Arab Emirates market, which is projected to invest more than $46 billion in environmental and pollution control projects in the next decade.

IFAT ENTSORGA Germany 2012
May 7–11, Munich

The trade fair for environmental solutions provides a unique exhibiting venue with a single access point to the entire European environmental market. The event attracted 110,000 attendees from 85 countries and 2730 exhibiting companies from 49 countries in 2010.

Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2012 
July 1–5, Singapore

SIWW is the global platform for water solutions, bringing policy-makers, industry leaders, experts, and practitioners together to address challenges, showcase technologies, discover opportunities, and celebrate achievements in water. The 2011 event attracted 13,500 visitors from 99 countries and regions, and 600 exhibiting companies from 40 countries.

For more information, click here, or contact Cari Zimmerman at (703) 535-5266, (703) 795-2518, or czimmerman@wef.org