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Author Guidelines and Submission

Utility Executive is a bimonthly newsletter for senior-level managers, consultants, and others interested in strategic water and wastewater utility management issues including managed competition, privatization, financing, risk management, personnel issues, legal issues, and professional development.

Before writing an article, prospective authors should contact the editor to discuss their story ideas or send a brief outline. Once an article is accepted, the editor will set a submission deadline and target publication date.

Space is limited. Feature articles typically contain between 1500 and 2000 words. Longer articles generally will be cut or published as a multipart series. When writing, be clear and concise and include technical details and cost information when possible (imagine you are explaining the idea to a colleague who is unfamiliar with the topic). The main idea should be stated at the beginning of the article rather than the end. This catches the readers' interest and encourages them to continue reading.

The Publication Process

Editing ensures that manuscripts are in the best possible shape for publication. Accepted manuscripts are edited by WEF's in-house editors for clarity, cohesion, substance, and style. The WEF Technical Periodicals Group has developed its own editorial style that dictates grammatical and word preferences. All manuscripts accepted for publication are edited to conform to this style. However, the editors recognize that each writer has a unique writing style; every effort is made to preserve that style. In addition, promotional language will be removed. An abundance of promotional text may cause a manuscript to be rejected.

Because WEF is an international organization, all technical periodicals use the international system for units of weights and measures. Authors submitting manuscripts that contain English units will be asked to provide conversions. For example, "The pipe is 102 mm (4 in.) long."

Once a manuscript has been edited, it is returned to the author for final review. Authors may be asked to revise their manuscripts or provide additional information.

Authors are encouraged to submit figures and tables to accompany their articles. Figures and tables can be submitted electronically in files separate from the text, but they must also be submitted on paper. All figures and tables will be redrawn to ensure consistency throughout the publication. Photos are accepted on a limited basis and must be accompanied by captions and credit lines.

Authors should submit biographical information, including title or professional discipline, company name, office location, and company headquarters.

Send articles or abstracts to:
LaShell Stratton, Editor
Utility Executive
Water Environment Federation
601 Wythe Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-1994 USA
tel: 703-684-2400 ext. 7031
fax: 703-684-2450