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WEF Industrial Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater (IW) is a bimonthly technical bulletin covering a variety of industrial wastewater management issues, including current regulations, treatment technologies, and pollution prevention strategies. IW also covers such topics as hazardous waste, air pollution control, and soil and groundwater remediation, as they relate to wastewater management. IW is not a peer-reviewed journal and, therefore, focuses on practical rather than theoretical information.

How to Submit an Article

Prospective authors should contact the editor to discuss article ideas or submit an abstract or finished paper. Written proposals typically are reviewed within two months of their receipt. Submissions must include a cover sheet containing the authors' names, telephone number, fax number, and, if available, e-mail address of the corresponding author.

Deadlines and publication date are set by the editor once an article is accepted.

Accepted articles should be submitted to the editor on paper, via e-mail, or on 3.5-in. PC-compatible disks in Microsoft Word or ASCII. Apple users should use Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, MacWrite, or ASCII, although PC-compatible disks are preferred. Failure to submit an article electronically may delay publication.

The Publication Process

Editing ensures that articles are in the best possible shape for publication. Accepted articles are edited by the Water Environment Federation's (WEF's) in-house editors for clarity, cohesion, substance, and style. The WEF Technical Periodicals Group has developed its own editorial style that dictates grammatical preferences and how certain words are treated. Stormwater, for example, is one word, not two, and a comma precedes the conjunction in a series of three or more items. All published articles are edited to conform to this style. However, the editors recognize that each writer has a unique writing style, and every effort is made to preserve that style. Again, because IW is not a peer-reviewed journal, ideas, data, and other material should be attributed when necessary within the text rather than in footnotes. Promotional language will be removed and may result in rejection of the article.

Because WEF is an international organization, all technical periodicals use the international system for units of weights and measures. Authors submitting articles that contain English units of weights and measures will be asked to provide conversions. For example: The pipe is 102 mm (4 in.) long.

Once an article has been edited, it is sent back to the author for final review. Authors also may be asked to revise their articles or provide additional information. Feature articles typically contain between 1200 and 2000 words. Longer articles may be cut or published as multipart series.

Authors are encouraged to submit artwork, including figures, tables, photos, or slides, to accompany their articles. Figures and tables can be submitted electronically in files separate from the text, but they also must be submitted on paper. All figures and tables will be re-drawn by the WEF Production Group to ensure consistency throughout the bulletin. Authors submitting photos also must provide captions and credit lines.

Authors should submit biographical information, including title or professional discipline, company name, office location, and company headquarters. Professional or educational degrees, titles, and certifications are not included in the biographical information, which appears at the end of the article.

For more information, call:
LaShell Stratton, Editor
Industrial Wastewater
Water Environment Federation
601 Wythe Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-1994 USA
tel: 703-684-2400 ext. 7031
fax: 703-684-2450