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Sustainability 2008 Conference Proceedings TOC

Following is the table of contents for the 2008 Sustainability Conference Proceedings CD offered for sale through WEF.  Please contact WEF Customer Service online or by phone to place an order.  Customer Service phone numbers are as follows:

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Session 1: Municipal Green Infrastructure Programs
Session 2: The Big Picture: National & International Watershed Perspectives
Session 3: Assessing Sustainability for Treatment Plants
Session 4: Climate Change Mitigation at WWTPs
Session 5: Evaluating Green Infrastructure Practice: Beyond Water
Session 6: Planning and Modeling for the Water Environment
Session 7: Treatment: Novel & Natural
Session 8: Achieving Energy Management and Efficiency
Session 9: Performance of Green Infrastructure Practice: Water Quantity & Quality
Session 10: Green Infrastructure Tools and Approaches
Session 11: Water Sustainability: Gray & Green
Session 12: Climate Change Management, Mitigation, & Adaption
Session 13: Incorporation of Green Infrastructure into CSO Programs
Session 14: Stormwater & LID for the Watershed
Session 15: Renewables: Developing an Energy Source

Session 1: Municipal Green Infrastructure Programs

Green Infrastructure at the Campus and Watershed Scale at The  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Carolyn Elfland, Sharon Myers, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Ted Brown, Sally Hoyt, Biohabitats, Inc.

Lansing, Michigan’s Downtown Rain Gardens:  Design and Community Involvement
Anne M. Thomas, Daniel P. Christian, Tetra Tech; Chad A. Gamble, City of Lansing; John T. Killips, Tetra Tech

A Natural Drainage Approach for the City of Seattle’s Right-of-Way
Tracy Tackett, Seattle Public Utilities

Turning Toward Green Practices: The Kansas City Model
Ginevera Moore, Mid-America Regional Council

Rooftops to Rivers: Aurora, Illinois' Use of Green Infrastructure in Riverfront Cleanup and Urban Redevelopment
Bill Abolt, Shaw Environmental, Inc.; Bob Newport, U.S. EPA Region 5

Capturing Stormwater for Water Supply Needs in Charlotte County, Florida
James E. Scholl, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.; Jeff Pearson, Charlotte County Utilities

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Session 2: The Big Picture: National & International Watershed Perspectives

Developing a Watershed Sustainability Index and Incentives for Integrated Water and Resource Management
S.D. Struck, L.L. Shoemaker, Tetra Tech, Inc.

EPA’s New Technical Guidance for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Watershed-Based Permitting
Danielle Stephan, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Kellie DuBay, Greg Currey, TetraTech, Inc.; Trish Rider, Marcus Zobrist, Patrick Bradley, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Reforming for Water Sustainability in Australia - The Drought with the Silver Lining
John W. Norton, Jr., Russell Beatty, John Summers, MWH Australia, Inc.; Charles Ainger, MWH UK, Inc.

Practical Progress in the New Zealand Journey towards More Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management
James (Jim) W Bradley, Paula M Hunter, MWH New Zealand Ltd

River Basin Management System: A Dynamic Environmental Management Tool for Developing Long-Term Water Quality Improvement Plans
Michael Waddell, CDM (Camp Dresser McKee)

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Session 3: Assessing Sustainability for Treatment Plants

Evaluation of Alternatives for a Greenfield Water Reclamation Facility, Incorporating Carbon-Footprint and Sustainability Perspectives
Robert Forbes, Keith Reeves, Bruce Johnson, Felicia Wyatt, CH2MHILL

Embodied Energy in Municipal Water and Wastewater
Sharon M. deMonsabert, Ali Bakhshi, Jamie L. Headley, George Mason University

Renew and Reduce: Energy Solutions to Improve Plant Operations
Steven R Hall Jr., Metcalf & Eddy/AECOM

Evaluating Sustainability Options for Wastewater Treatment Systems
Jim Condon, Olsson Associates

The Production of Hydrogen and Electricity as New Energy in Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Processes
Baikun Li, University of Connecticut; Michael D. Curtis, Fuss & O’Neill; Yogesh Sharma, Daqian Jiang, University of Connecticut

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Session 4: Climate Change Mitigation at WWTPs

The Importance of Selecting the Right Greenhouse Gas Model for Sustainable Design Decisions in Wastewater Treatment
A.R. Shaw, Black & Veatch; K.A. Third, S. Cooper, Sinclair Knight Merz

Greenhouse Gas Inventories From WWTPs - The Trade-Off with Nutrient Removal
David de Haas, Jeff Foley, GHD; Keith Barr, Brisbane Water

Comparative Energy- and Carbon- Footprints for Activated Sludge Layouts
Diego Rosso, University of California, Irvine; Michael K. Stenstrom, University of California, Los Angeles

Carbon Footprinting for Biosolids Processing and Management Alternatives at DC WASA’s Blue Plains AWTP
Mohammad Abu-Orf, Jeffrey Reade, Laetitia Mulamula, Charles Pound, Robert G. Sobeck, Jr., Edward Locke, Metcalf and Eddy/AECOM; Chris Peot, Sudhir Murthy, Salil Kharkar, Walter Bailey, Leonard Benson, Martin Sultan, John Carr, Rouben Derminassian, George (Yi-Ming) Shih, DC WASA

GHG Emissions, Nitrous Oxide and Your Bioreactor – Things to Think About
Dean M. Shiskowski, Associated Engineering

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Session 5: Evaluating Green Infrastructure Practice: Beyond Water

The Effect of Low-Impact-Development on Property Values
Bryce Ward, Ed MacMullan, Sarah Reich, ECONorthwest

Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure Demonstration Study for the Cumberland Community Improvement District in Cobb County, Georgia
Joel Tillery, Aditya Tyagi, Doug Baughman, Dan Medina, CH2M HILL

Mt. Airy Rain Catchers - Rain Barrels and Gardens in a Suburban Watershed
Ward G. Wilson, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Seattle Public Utilities’ Natural Drainage System Operation and Maintenance
Drena Donofrio, Tracy Tackett, Seattle Public Utilities

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Session 6: Planning and Modeling for the Water Environment

The ‘G’ Word:  Sustainable Hydrology, Land Use, and Growth
Juli Beth Hinds, VHB Pioneer; Nigel Pickering, Charles River Watershed Association

Green Infrastructure Planning in Highly Urbanized Watersheds: A New York City Example
Dawn Henning, Sri Rangarajan, HydroQual, Inc.

Building a Sustainable Region, One Drop at a Time!
Tim Bate, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District; Karen Sands, Earth Tech; Kevin Shafer, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Sustainable Integrated Watershed Management in the Tualatin Basin
Bruce Roll, Bruce Cordon, Peter Guillozet, Kendra Petersen-Morgan, Brian Vaughn, Kendra Smith, Clean Water Services

HSPF Toolkit: A Tool for Stormwater Management at the Watershed Scale
Y.M. Mohamoud, R. Parmar, K. Wolfe, J. Carleton, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Session 7: Treatment: Novel & Natural

Tarrant Regional Water District’s Field-Scale Wetland Phase 1 Operations – Lessons Learned
Loretta E. Mokry, Alan Plummer Associates, Inc.; Darrel Andrews, Woody Frossard, Tarrant Regional Water District; Alan H. Plummer, Jr., Alan Plummer Associates, Inc.

Evaluation of the Green Oxidant Ferrate for Wastewater Reuse for Wetland Restoration
Brady K. Skaggs, Robert S. Reimers, Andrew J. Englande, Jr., Ponsawat Srisawat, Tulane University; Gordon C. Austin, Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Saving the Planet with a Bar of Soap and a Truck That Smells Like French Fries:  Building Sustainable Synergies between the Public and their Utilities
Rob McElroy, Daphne Utilities

Integrating Demineralization with Wastewater Treatment to Generate Nutrient Rich Recycled Water for Sustainable Agricultural Use
Graham J.G. Juby, Don W. Zylstra, Susanna, Carollo Engineers; Perry R. Louck, Rancho California Water District; Behrooz Mortazavi, Eastern Municipal Water District

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Session 8: Achieving Energy Management and Efficiency

OWASA’s Carbon Foot Print Analysis and Opportunities for Industry-Wide, Efficiency-Gain Tracking
John Willis, Brown and Caldwell; Patrick Davis, Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA); Ted Hull, Brown and Caldwell; Ed Kerwin, Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA)

Balancing Treatment Process Requirements and Energy Management
Harold Schmidt, Jr., MWH Americas, Inc.; Scott Kelly, JEA; Paul Deule, City of Orlando; Jerry Manning, City of North Port; David Peters, City of Stuart

Energy Savings and Air Quality Benefits from the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Water Use Efficiency Programs
Jeannine Larabee, Hossein Ashktorab, Santa Clara Valley Water District

Wastewater Energy Efficiency Is Attainable
Joseph Cantwell, Science Applications International Corporation

Energy Management Techniques and Outcomes at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Sanjay Patel, Osoth Jamjun, Susan O’Connell, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

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Session 9: Performance of Green Infrastructure Practice: Water Quantity & Quality

Water Quality and Flow Performance-Based Assessments of Stormwater Control Strategies During Cold Weather Months
Robert M. Roseen, James J. Houle, Thomas P. Ballestero, Pedro Avelleneda, Joshua Briggs, George Fowler, Robert Wildey, University of New Hampshire

The Promise of Stormwater Phytotreatment
Anne MacDonald, David Dods, Kathi Futornick, Ari M. Ferro, URS Corporation

Pervious Asphalt: A Case Study of Impacts on Storm Water Volume and Pollutant Load
Amy Post, Willie Gonwa, Symbiont; Kimberly Kujoth, City of Milwaukee

Case Study: Enhanced Porous Concrete Pavement System Creates Advantages for All Stakeholders
James B. Leedom, Kenneth E. Kaszubowski, The Sigma Group

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Session 10: Green Infrastructure Tools and Approaches

Developing the Great Lakes Cities Permeability Index
Steve Wise, Julia Kennedy, Bill Eyring, Center for Neighborhood Technology

Expanding the Green Build-Out Model to Quantify Stormwater Reduction Benefits In Washington, DC
Michael Sullivan, Brian Busiek, LimnoTech; Heather Whitlow, Meredith Upchurch, Casey Trees; Jenny Molloy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

An Appraisal of Stormwater Reclamation and Reuse In Hawaii
Woodie Muirhead, Brown and Caldwell

Greenseams:  Milwaukee’s Green Infrastructure Flood Reduction Program
Margaret A. Kohring, The Conservation Fund

New Approaches to “Greening” Stormwater
Karen Cappiella, Kelly Collins, David Hirschman, Mike Novotney, Center for Watershed Protection

Investigating Urban Growth Planning Impacts on Stormwater Control Measure Performance
Brenna Enright, Barry J. Adams, University of Toronto

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Session 11: Water Sustainability: Gray & Green

Managing Water Risks in a Water Scarce World: Use of WBCSD Global Water Tool for Sustainable Water Management
Harry X. Zhang, Jan Dell, CH2M HILL

Distributed Wastewater Systems Meet Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability Goals: An Illustration from a Water and Wastewater Utility
Todd A. Danielson, Loudoun Water

A Green Approach to Combined Sewer Overflow Control: Source Control Implementation on a Watershed Scale
James T. Smullen, R. Dwayne Myer, Shannon K. Reynolds, CDM

Wastewater Reuse: South Florida’s Answer to a Sustainable 21st Century
E. Vadiveloo, R. Cisterna, Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.

Cost Effective, Low Maintenance System to Achieve Total Phosphorus < 0.5 mg/l
Pio Lombardo, Lombardo Associates, Inc.

Countywide Onsite Sewage Disposal System Characterization and Selection of Appropriate Centralized or Distributed Treatment Options for Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Laurens van der Tak, Brian G. Marengo, CH2M HILL; Blaine Weitzel, Harms & Associates; Thor Young, Stearns & Wheler; Chris Murphy, Chris Phipps, Anne Arundel County

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Session 12: Climate Change Management, Mitigation, & Adaption

How Green Is Your Footprint? The Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Strategic Planning
Patricia Scanlan, Black & Veatch Corporation; Holly Elmendorf, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources; Hari Santha, James Rowan, Black & Veatch Corporation

Greenhouse Gas Releases From Treatment Wetlands versus Conventional Treatment: Defining Relative Impacts and Net Benefits
J. Jordahl, P. Frank, M.J. Kealy, CH2M HILL

Program Design and Implementation to Reduce Arlington County Carbon Emissions and Improve Air and Water Quality
William E. Roper, John Morrill, Joan Kelsch, Arlington County, Virginia

Wetland Assimilation: Climate Change Adaptation and Restoration in the Mississippi Delta
Sarah K. Mack, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine;  J. Day, Louisiana State University; A.J. Englande, Jr., R.S. Reimers, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine;  G.C. Austin, Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

A Delivery Mechanism for Driving Sustainable Solution Development and Capital Investment to Meet UK Carbon Emission Targets
Ajay K Nair, Stephen J Palmer, MWH UK Ltd

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Session 13: Incorporation of Green Infrastructure into CSO Programs

Assessment of Low Impact Development on CSO
Kaniz Siddiqui, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati; Philip Gray, XCG; John Aldrich, CDM

Philadelphia’s Storm Water and CSO Programs: Putting Green First
Mark Maimone, CDM; Howard Neukrug, Amy Leib, Philadelphia Water Department

Incorporating Green Infrastructure and Future Land Use Demand in a CSO Long Term Control Plan
James C. Schlaman, Black & Veatch; Bryce Lawrence, Scott Schulte, Patti Banks Associates

Glencoe Rain Garden: Successful Management of Combined Sewer Flows
Timothy Kurtz, Henry Stevens, City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services

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Session 14: Stormwater & LID for the Watershed

Watershed Approach to Integrating Green and Hard Infrastructure: New York City’s Staten Island Bluebelt
Dana Gumb, James Garin, New York City Department of Environmental Protection; Sandeep Mehrotra, Brian Henn, Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.

Restoring a Watershed through LID and Reduce Storm Water
Neal Shapiro, City of Santa Monica

Justifying Sustainable Stormwater Facilities in Sewer Design Projects: Portland’s Successes
Bill Owen, Tim Kurtz, City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services

Customer-Based Stormwater Control – Seattle’s Policies and Pilots
Timothy Lowry, Seattle Public Utilities

Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for a Sustainable Development of Lehigh Acres, Lee County, FL
Robert S. Copp, A.D.A. Engineering, Inc.; Lee Flynn, AIM Engineering, Inc.

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Session 15: Renewables: Developing an Energy Source

Producing Green Energy from Post-Consumer Solid Food Wastes at a Wastewater Treatment Plant Using an Innovative New Process
Donald M.D. Gray (Gabb), Paul J. Suto, Mark H. Chien, East Bay Municipal Utility District

The City of San Jose Biomass Waste to Energy Evaluation
Jay R. Surti, CH2M HILL, Inc., Dave Tucker, City of San Jose

Digester Gas Powers Energy Conservation at Baltimore’s Back River WWTP
Ralph B. (Rusty) Schroedel, Earth Tech, Inc.; Peter V. Cavagnaro, Johnson Controls, Inc.; Nick Frankos, Duncan Mukira, City of Baltimore

Making Methane: Co-Digestion of Organic Waste with Wastewater Solids
David L. Parry, Scott Vandenburgh, Michael Salerno, Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.

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Posters – Monday, June 23, 2008

A Watershed Management Plan to Sustain a High Quality Lake Maumelle Water Supply and Resource
J. Trevor Clements, Kimberly Brewer, Tetra Tech

On An Accounting System and Protocol to Measure, Verify, and Register Progress Toward Sustainable Ecosystem Improvements from Managing Stormwater to Restore Environmental Flows
Mary Jo Kealy, Dan Medina, Mark Mittag, Brent Brown, CH2MHILL

The Millbrae Results of Simultaneously Mitigating Upward Spiraling Energy Costs and Modernizing Its Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Richard V. York, City of Millbrae, Retired; Joseph Magner, City of Millbrae; Greg Chung, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

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Posters – Tuesday, June 24, 2008

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority Rain Garden Pilot Project
Kenneth Eyre, Michael Thorstenson, Greeley and Hansen LLC

A Site Evaluation Tool for Assessing Water Quality Impacts from Conventional and Low Impact Development
Scott Job, Heather Fisher, Bobby Tucker, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Sustainable Energy Management: Augmenting Anaerobic Digesters to Increase Biogas-Fueled Combined Heat and Power Production
Drury D. Whitlock, Julian Sandino, Daniel L. Gall, Marialena Hatzigeorgiou, Tim Shea, Dimitri Katehis, CH2M HILL

Implementation of Sustainability Is a Grassroots Effort
Karen Pallansch, Alexandria Sanitation Authority; Stephen Hayashi, Bruce Corning, Veronica O. Davis, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.

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