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Residuals and Biosolids 2009 Conference Proceedings TOC

Following is the table of contents for the 2009 Residuals and Biosolids Conference Proceedings CD offered for sale through WEF.  Please contact WEF Customer Service online or by phone to place an order.  Customer Service phone numbers are as follows:

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Session 1: Public Outreach
Session 2: Energy Recovery
Session 3: Pathogen Reduction
Session 4: Anaerobic Digestion 1
Session 5: Anaerobic Digestion 2
Session 6: ATAD
Session 7: Pacific Northwest Regional Issues
Session 8: Operational Case Histories
Session 9: Odors
Session 10: Sustainability Planning
Session 11: Planning Case Histories
Session 12: Microconstituents
Session 13: Dewatering
Session 14: Pre-Digestion Conditioning
Session 15: Biosolids Drying
Session 16: Carbon Accounting
Session 17: Land Application
Session 18: Success Stories

Session 1: Public Outreach

Moving Towards a Sustainable Biosolids Program: Part I – Implementation Status of the 2003 Long-Range Biosolids Management Plan
Deirdre E. Bingman, Layne T. Baroldi, Michael D. Moore, Orange County Sanitation District

Moving Towards a Sustainable Biosolids Program: Part II –  Five-Year Retrospective of the Biosolids Management System
Deirdre E. Bingman, Layne T. Baroldi, Michael D. Moore, Orange County Sanitation District

Stakeholder Involvement in Long-Term Biosolids Programs in the Pacific Northwest
Denise Vieira, SYLVIS Environmental; Lisa Vogel, King County; Johanna Moretto, Tania Gheseger, Metro Vancouver

Using Community Imput to Create a Successful Digester Complex Design
Natalie Sierra, Bonnie M. Jones, Tyrone Jue, Idil Bereket, Jon Loiacono, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - Wastewater Enterprise

A Tale of Trials, Tribulation & Triumph: Biosolids Management in the Pacific Northwest
Maile Lono-Batura, Northwest Biosolids Management Association

Session 2: Energy Recovery

Replacement of the Multiple Hearth Furnaces by the Fluid Bed Furnaces - The R.L. Sutton WRF Experience
Manuel Matthews, Robert Herbick, Cobb County Water System; Ky Dangtran, Degremont Technologies Infilco

Lessons Learned During an Incinerator Upgrade
Bruce Bartel, William Angoli, Daniel Busch, Robert Lamal, Martin Pyke, Michael Wells, Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District

Comparison of Gasification, Pyrolysis and Incineration Technologies for Residuals Management: Future of Advanced Biosolids Processes
Deniz Yurtsever, James M. Rowan, Hari Santha, Black & Veatch Corporation

The Case for Replacing Multiple Hearth Incinerators with Fluidized Bed Incinerators
Frank Dachille, Scott Reed, James Rowan, James Welp, Black & Veatch Corporation

Advanced Process Control Technology for Fluidized Bed Incineration – A Sustainable Approach To Wastewater Solids Treatment
Y-M. Tsai, Degremont Technologies North American R&D Center; M. Montoya, Alpine Technology; M. Adcock, W. Kling, T.Z. Osborne Water Reclamation Facility; R.F. Kelly, Degremont Technologies North American R&D Center

Process Hazard Analysis for the H. L. Mooney Water Reclamation Facility Fluidized Bed Incinerator
Frank C. Sapienza, CDM; Stephen M. Bennett, Prince William County Service Authority; Robert J. Gaudes, David J. Schwartz, CDM

Session 3: Pathogen Reduction

More Fun than Herding CAHTS - Producing Class A Biosolids with an Innovative Heat-Treatment and Anaerobic Digestion Process
John Poppe, Randy Screws, West Sound Utility District; Bob Forbes, Doug Berschauer, CH2M HILL, Inc.

Pathogen Characterization in Fresh and Stored Biosolids and Implications of a Screening Level Microbial Risk Assessment
Cecily Flemming, Ontario Ministry of the Environment; Jeffrey Soller, Soller Environmental; Albert Simhon, Ontario Ministry of the Environment; Edmund Seto, University of California, at Berkeley

Comparative Microbial Risks of Land Applied Biosolids and Animal Manure
John P. Brooks, USDA-ARS; Charles P. Gerba, Ian L. Pepper, University of Arizona

Extending the Risk Assessment Framework for Pathogens in Biosolids
Haibo Zhang, Brett Olson, Mira S. Olson, Patrick L. Gurian, Colleen Harte, Jingjie Teng, Drexel University

Physical, Chemical and Biological Agents Impacting Disinfection in Residuals
Kari B. Fitzmorris, Georgia Southern University; Robert S. Reimers, Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine; Suresh D. Pillai, Texas A&M University; Dwight D. Bowman, Cornell University

Session 4: Anaerobic Digestion 1

Akron, Ohio - A Review of the First Year for Biosolids Management Using a High Solids Anaerobic Digestion System
Annette M. Berger, KB Compost Services, Inc.

Codigestion of Organic Waste
David L. Parry, Scott Vandenburgh, Michael B. Salerno, Richard Finger, Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.

Developing a Co- Digestion Program at the Tacoma, WA Central Treatment Plant
Christopher Muller, Brown and Caldwell; Pamela Randolph, Eric Johnson, Daniel Thompson, City of Tacoma; Steven Krugel, Brown and Caldwell

Is Your Digester Getting its Supplements
Jonathan Keaney, John Willis, Metin Duran, Cheol Park, Albana Bega, Jason Hunt
*Paper Not Available

Effects of Feeding Conditions on Activated Sludge Characteristics and Anaerobic Digestion
Chul Park, Klaus Nusslein, Chengyan Zhang, Philip Teague, Meng Wang, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Session 5: Anaerobic Digestion 2

Overview of Best Anaerobic Digestion Technologies When Sustainability is Important
Paul Hunt, Earth Tech Ltd.; Ralph "Rusty" Shroedel, Tom Wilson, AECOM

Lesser of Two Evils - Digester Cleaning or Run to Failure
Neil Massart, Black & Veatch; Robert Bates, Metro Sewer District; Randy Boyette, Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority; Shaun O'Kelley, KCMO Wastewater Services; Gary Neun, Hari Santha, Black & Veatch

Modeling the Conversion and Fate of Sulfur Containing Compounds in Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion
Weiwei Du, Wayne J. Parker; University of Waterloo

Active Anaerobic Digestion Volume and Digestion Efficiency Estimation
V.J. Boero, J.L. Pintenich, Brown and Caldwell

Active Volume Estimation of Anaerobic Sludge Digesters Under Different Cleaning Intervals
Romeo E. Capuno, Jr., John Willis, Jonathan Keaney, Eian Lynch, Marisa Buyers-Basso, Brown and Caldwell

Anaerobic Digester Optimization using Factorial Design Approach
Cheol Park, Alba Bega, Villanova University; Joseph Farrell, Jonathan Keaney, Brown and Caldwell; William E. Toffey, Jason A. Hunt, Paul M. Kohl, William R. McKeon, Philadelphia Water Department; John Willis, Brown and Caldwell; Metin Duran, Villanova University

Session 6: ATAD

Impacts of Temperature and Hydraulic Retention Time on Odours Produced for Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion
Bonita Dirk, Harlan Kelly, Dayton & Knight Ltd.; Don Mavinic, University of British Columbia; Hart Frese, City of Salmon Arm, British Columbia

As Good as the Hype: An Overview of Second Generation ATAD Performance
Jim Scisson

Efficiency of Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Under Two Different Oxygen Flow Rates
Sebnem Koyunluoglu Aynur, Sonali Dohale, Muriel Dumit, Rumma Riffat, George Washington University; Mohammad Abu-Orf, Ralph Eschborn, AECOM Water (Formerly Metcalf and Eddy Inc.); Sudhir Murthy, DC Water and Sewer Authority

Carbon and Struvite Recovery from Centrate at a Biological Nutrient Removal Plant
Harlan Kelly, Bonita Dirk, Al Gibb, Dayton & Knight Ltd.; Fred Koch, Don Malvinic, University of British Columbia

Start-Up and Operations of the City of Delphos MBR / ThermAer ATAD Wastewater Treatment Facility
Kim Riddell, City of Delphos

Second Generation ATAD Provides Solution to Upgrade at Constrained Site
Lawrence E. Riegert, Hammond Collier Wade Livingstone, Inc.

Session 7: Pacific Northwest Regional Issues

Beneficial Use into the Future - A Small Community Perspective
Mark Cullington, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants; Trevor Evers, City of Washougal

Evaluation and Selecting Class A Biosolids Heat Drying Options in the Pacific Northwest
Bo Vestergaard-Hansen, Brown and Caldwell; Brigitte McCarty, Alderwood Water and Wastewater District; Art Molseed, Brown and Caldwell; Travis Smith, I. Kruger, Inc.

Can’t Pass This Gas: Biogas, Biocovers and Biosolids in a Climate of Change
Michael D. Van Ham, Mark Teshima, SYLVIS Environmental

From Lagoons to Chop Sticks: Eugene / Springfield, Oregon's Low Tech Approach to a Diversified Program
Ken Vanderford, City of Eugene, Oregon

Biosolids Benefits on Semi-Arid Central Oregon Agriculture
Mark Ronayne, Greg Charr, City of Portland; Dan Sullivan, Don Horneck, Oregon State University; Kent Madison, Madison Farms

Session 8: Operational Case Histories

City of Columbus Biosolids Management Optimization and Systems Analysis
Kathleen Smith, Eric Auerbach, Malcom Pirnie; Kieran Sikdar, The Ohio State University; Robert E. VanEvra III, City of Columbus; Dan Gernant, Malcom Pirnie; Joseph Fiksel, The Ohio State University

Sustainability Incorporated into the Solids Handling Improvements of the Douglas L. Smith Middle Basin Wastewater Treatment Plant
Dale Gabel, CH2M HILL; Susan Pekarek, Doug Nolkemper, Johnson County Wastewater; Mike Kalis, Archer Engineers

Operating Cost Modeling for the New York City Biosolids Management Plan
Raymond Pun, CDM; Keith Mahoney, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

How Do the Availability of Outlets and End Use of Solids Affect Solids Management Alternatives? A Case Study for Millville Facility in New Jersey
Nalan Tepe-Sencayir, Mohammad Abu-Orf, AECOM; Floyd Burt, City of Millville, New Jersey

Recycle Loads Management Strategy Accounts for the Impact of Regional Anaerobic Solids Digestion on Low Limit Biological Nutrient Removal
J.C. Kabouris, Carollo Engineers; M. Engelmann, J.A. Dulaney, Pinellas County Utilities; R.A. Gillette, B. Narayanan, A.C. Todd, Carollo Engineers

Session 9: Odors

Effect of Amendment Addition on Biosolids Odors Based on Gas Chromotography Analysis and Odor Panel Observations
T.E. Johnston, Material Matters, Inc.; M.A. Higgins, Bucknell University; R.C. Brandt, Penn State University; W.E. Toffey, Philadelphia Water Department; R.C. Eschborn, AECOM

Use of Inventory Management to Mitigate Odor Emissions from Land-Applied Biosolids
R.C. Brandt, M.A.A. Adviento-Borbe, Penn State University; M.A. Higgins, Bucknell University; T.E. Johnston, Material Matters, Inc.; W.E. Toffey, J. Golembeski, Philadelphia Water Department

Odor Emissions from Anaerobically Digested Biosolids During Onsite Storage and Land Application: Impacts of Lime Dosing and the Type of Dewatering Process Used (Belt Presses Versus Centrifuges)
Chris Easter, Todd Williams, CH2M HILL, Inc.; Mark Feltner, Rhonda Bowen, Hampton Roads Sanitation District

Session 10: Sustainability Planning

Sustainable Energy Management: Achieving Energy Independence at Wastewater Utilities
Drury Whitlock, Julian Sandino, Tim, Shea, Peter Burrowes, CH2M HILL

Energy Independence Project
Alan Zelenka, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Session 11: Planning Case Histories

A Modernized Biosolids Management Plan for New York City's Water Pollution Control Plants
Raymond Pun, Geoffrey Baldwin, CDM; Keith Mahoney, Arthur Spangel, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

City of Columbus Biosolids Management Master Planning
Daniel Gernant, Kathleen Smith, Cosmo Bertino, Malcom Pirnie; Robert E Van Evra III, City of Columbus

The City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania Biosolids Management Solution: New Facilities, New Processing and New Disposal/Use
Elaine Sistare, Mark Gould, CDM

Biosolids Improvements: Roger Road Wastewater Reclamation Facility (RRWRF) Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (PCRWRD), Tucson, Arizona
Larry Anderson, Gary Newman, Brown and Caldwell, Inc.; Michael Kostrzewski, John Sherlock, Jing Luo, PCRWRD

Residuals Management Program for Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes
Robert S. Reimers, Andrew J. Englande, Jr., Brady K. Skaggs, Jr., Tulane University; Gordon C. Austin, Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans; Peter M. Smith, Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.

Session 12: Microconstituents

The Uniqueness of Microconstituent Fates in Biosolids-Amended Systems
George O'Connor, University of Florida

Microconstituents in Biosolids: The "New" Pollutants - An Overview of Recent U.S. Geological Survey Research and Findings
Edward Furlong, James L. Gray, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colorado; Patrick J. Phillips, U.S. Geological Survey, Troy, New York; Tracy J. Yager, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colorado; Dana W. Kolpin, U.S. Geological Survey, Iowa City, Iowa

The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Program to Assess and Manage the Transport of Microconstituents in Biosolids- Amended Soils
Ed Topp, David R. Lapen, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Chris D. Metcalfe, Trent University

Long-Term Assessments of Microconstituents Fate in Biosolids-Amended Soils
Lakhwinder Hundal, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago; Kang Xia, Mississippi State Chemical Lab; Kuldip Kumar, Albert Cox, Thomas Granato, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Behavior of Estrogens and Triclosan in Turf Grass Amended with Biosolids or Irrigated with Reclaimed Water
Sally Brown, Dana Devin-Clarke, University of Washington

Session 13: Dewatering

Evaluation of Nanoscale Additives to Improve Sludge Conditioning and Dewatering
Ganesh Rajagopalan, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants; Mathew J. Higgins, Bucknell University; Ranqing Ou, NEI Corporation; Ganesh Skandan, NAI Corporation

A Comprehensive Study to Reduce Polymer Usage at Austin's Biosolids Management Plant
Patrick J. McNamara, Desmond F. Lawler, University of Texas at Austin

Is Your Plant Receiving the Same Product in Different Polymer Batches?
Mohammad Abu-Orf, Nalan Tepe-Sencayir, AECOM; Steven Dentel, Rovshan Mahmudov, University of Delaware; Aklile Tesfaye, Wendell Smith, District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority

Energy (and Cost) Implications Associated With Dewatering Technology Selection for Thermal Drying Applications
C. Michael Bullard, Hazen and Sawyer; Sondra W. Lee, Joseph B. Cheatham, Darby Dressell, Randy Bond, Warren Shepherd, City of Tallahassee

Keeping our Biosolids End-Use Options Open - City of Boulder WWTP Solids Dewatering Improvements
David Oerke, CH2M HILL; Paul Heppler, Douglas Sullivan, City of Boulder, Colorado; Jose Velazquez, Jacobs Engineering

A Survey of Rotary Press Dewatering Technology
Rebecca Overacre, Steve Swanback, Carollo Engineers

Session 14: Pre-Digestion Conditioning

Biosolids Conditioning with Hydrodynamic Cavitation
David Nicholas, Philip Vella, VRTX Technologies

Anaerobic Digestion Enhancement Success Stories from Around the World
Colin Froud, CSO Technik Ltd.; Jens Schmitt, Biogest AG; Charles Applegate, Siemens Water Technologies

Integrated Modeling of Thermal Hydrolysis Pretreatment and Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater Treatment Sludges
Wayne Parker, University of Waterloo; Richard Jones, EnviroSim Associates Ltd.; Henry Zhu, University of Waterloo; Sudhir Murthy, DCWASA

Comprehensive Enhanced Digestion Evaluations at Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant
Christopher A. Wilson, John T. Novak, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Sudhir N. Murthy, Walter F. Bailey, Washington D.C. Water and Sewer Authority

Underlying Mechanistic Principles and Proposed Modeling Approach for Waste Activated Sludge Reduction Technologies
Drury Whitlock, Julian Sandino, CH2M HILL; John Novak, Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Bruce Johnson, CH2M HILL; Lauren Fillmore, WERF

Session 15: Biosolids Drying

Amendment Free, Mechanically Enhanced Biodrying & Composting of Dewatered Undigested Sewage Sludge
Lewis Naylor, Apple Environmental; Richard Nicoletti, Siemens Water Technologies; Matthew Calderiso, Bristol, RI

Enhanced Solar Drying in the Mid West – Carmel, Indiana
Daniel W. Miller, Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.

Going for the Green in Thermal Drying: Evaluation of Innovative New Technologies and Industry Trends
Kenneth Fonda, Eian Lynch, Brown and Caldwell

Impact of Solids Characteristics on Dryer Operations and Product Quality
Hari Santha, Neil S. Massart, Gary W. Neun, Deniz Yurtsever, Black & Veatch Corporation; Robert W. Bates, Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District

Planning for Future Biosolids Energy Needs and Costs
William Krill, Brown and Caldwell; Timothy Bate, Gregory Baker, MMSD; Valerie Wood, ESI; Kathleen Ziino, HNTB

Medium-Temperature Belt Dryers for Biosolids
Markus Roediger, Consultant; Rudolf Bogner, Hans Huber AG; Gerhard Forstner, Huber Technology Inc.

Session 16: Carbon Accounting

A Greenfield Thermal Drying/Oxidation System:  Significant Volume Reduction with a Reduced Carbon Footprint
Terry Goss, Louis Ortenzio, Kruger Inc.; John Graupman, Bradley DeWolf, Bolton & Menk, Inc.; Tom Klett, Merton Auger, City of Buffalo, MN

Climate Change Impacts of Food Waste Diversion to Anaerobic Digesters
Tim Evans, Tim Evans Environment

Lagoon Digestion – Old Dog, New Tricks
Perry Schafer, Brown and Caldwell

Carbon Footprint of Biosolids Disposal to Landfills and Land Farms in the United States
Diego Rosso, Allen Chau, University of California, Irvine

A Life Cycle Assessment Approach to Biosolids Management
Joyeeta Banerjee, Brian Henn, Joe Rohrbacher, Katya Bilyk, Sandeep Mehrotra, Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.

Session 17: Land Application

In with the New: A Look at the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District's (MRWD) GIS Biosolids Land Application Operation
Arlisa L. Michael, Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

Sustainable Use of Biosolids in Rangeland Forage Production
Michael J. McFarland, Issaak R. Vasquez,  MaiAnh Vutran, Utah State University; Mark Schmitz, Utah Division of Water Quality; Robert B. Brobst, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The Goal of Training and Certification: Meeting the Professional Needs of Biosolids Land Appliers
Suzanne De la Cruz, Association of Boards of Certification; Jim Medlock, RMWEA Biosolids Committee & Littleton/Englewood WWTP; Jodi Jurgemeyer, Association of Boards of Certification

Utilizing Mainstream GIS Mapping Technology for Biosolids Data Management
Aaron B. Stephens, Trudy E. Johnston, Material Matters, Inc.; William E. Toffey, Philadelphia Water Department; Stefan R. Weaver, Material Matters, Inc.

Evaluation of Class A vs. Class B Processes for Beneficial Use of Biosolids
Jay S. Kemp, AECOM; Daniel L. Lynch, City of Janesville

Session 18: Success Stories

Climbing the Knowledge Mountain - The New Solids Processing Design and Management Manual
Michael D. Moore, Orange County Sanitation District; Timothy Shea, CH2M HILL; James E. Smith, USEPA

The Hidden Threat to Sustainable Energy: Siloxanes: Composition, Removal, and Fate
Ralph B. "Rusty" Schroedel, Jr., AECOM; Peter V. Cavagnaro, Jerald W. Peterson, Johnson Controls, Inc.

Composting Biosolids for a Greener Tomorrow, a Success Story at a Canadian Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility
Conrad Allain, Greater Moncton Sewerage Commission (GMSC)

Biogas Treatment - Maximizing Biogas Utilization System Effectiveness
Scott Vandenburgh, Cale McPherson, Dave Parry
*Paper Not Available

A Review of "Global Atlas of Excreta, Wastewater Sludge, and Biosolids Management:  Moving Forward the Sustainable and Welcome Uses of a Global Resource"
Ronald J. LeBlanc, Roland P. Richard, Greater Moncton Sewerage Commission (GMSC); Ned Beecher, Northeast Biosolids and Residuals Association (NEBRA)


Optimization of Residual Haul and Disposal Costs Using TADCAM
Tim Shea, CH2M HILL; Richie Kent, CH CARIBE; Todd Williams, CH2M HILL

Agronomic Evaluation of ThermAer ATAD Biosolids; Greenhouse Growth Trials
Adrian Unc, New Mexico State University; Garry Hoekstra, University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus

New Mechanical Fine Bubble Aeration/Mixing System
Dana L. Nelson, Water Pod, Inc.
*Paper Not Available

Going for the Green in Thermal Drying: Evaluation of Innovative New Technologies and Industry Trends
Kenneth Fonda, Eian Lynch, Brown and Caldwell
*Paper in Session 15

Anaerobic Digester Optimization using Factorial Design Approach
Cheol Park, Alba Bega, Joseph Farrell, Jonathan Keaney, William E. Toffey, Jason A. Hunt, Paul M. Kohl, William R. McKeon, John Willis, Metin Duran
*Paper in Session 5

San Jacinto Watershed Integrated Regional Dairy Management Plan
Jennifer Ferrando, Martina Frey 
*Paper Not Available

Will Biosolids Application Ever Fly Down South?  Legislative and Poiltical Challenges to Sustainability in New Zealand
John M. Lavery, Duffill Watts Limited
* Paper Not Available