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What Is the Goal?

Water Is Life, and Infrastructure Makes It Happen™ is an education and outreach program dedicated to helping communities envision, build, maintain and improve life-sustaining water and wastewater systems. It aims to inform the general public, ratepayers, opinion leaders and elected officials about:

  • The value of water in sustaining and enhancing life. 
  • The role of water infrastructure in delivering clean, safe water to our homes and businesses.
  • The role of wastewater infrastructure in cleaning water and safely returning it to the environment to be used again.
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure as a valuable community asset and the current backlog of water infrastructure investment needs.
How Does It Work?

Join the coordinated effort to raise awareness about water and wastewater infrastructure. Work together with water and wastewater professionals, business leaders, public and environmental health professionals, utilities and other leaders in your state, region or community.

The public outreach program will:

  • Provide you with the preparation and communication tools you will need to succeed.
  • Help you to build alliances at the state, regional, and community level.
  • Coordinate a periodic roll-out of communication materials easily tailored to what’s happening in your state, region, community or agency.
Who Are We?

The initiative is an on-going public education program of the Water Environment Federation (WEF). The program is guided by leadership from the WEF Public Communication & Outreach Committee.

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