State Organizer Materials

The U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition is made possible through a collaborative effort between the Water Environment Federation and its local Member Associations (MAs) across the country. Each state competition is sponsored by an MA and has a designated state organizer. Each state identifies and sends a winner (or winning team) to the U.S. national competition.

To find out more about your state competition or to contact a state organizer, visit the State Deadlines and Awards List.

If you are a state organizer, the following resources are available to help you run your competition.

Organizing a State Competition

  • State Organizer's Handbook (PDF): Find out how to get your state competition started and everything else you'll need to know throughout the year.
  • State Organizer's Webcast (recorded 12/19/12): Watch this recorded presentation to get tips for running a successful state competition.  Please note: The webcast recording is available for free, but you will be prompted to register or login before you can view the recording. Also, please allow time for the presentation to buffer.
  • Potential Research Topics List (PDF): Share this list with students or teachers who are looking for project ideas.

Promoting a State Competition  

Judging a State Competition  

  • List of ISEF Competitions (website): Visit this site to help identify local fairs in your area.
  • Judging Criteria (PDF): Share this form with your judging panel to streamline the judging process.
  • Regional Award Letter (Word Doc): Customize this letter and present to students with the SJWP Regional Certificate to let them know your MA supports the competition.
  • Science Fair Entry Invitations (Word Doc): Print these customizable cards and hand them out at science fairs to let students know you have reviewed their project and that they are eligible to enter the state competition.
  • Middle School Certificate (PDF): Print and award this certificate to junior-level projects at your local science fairs. (Note: Students receiving this certificate are not eligible to enter the SJWP competition unless they meet the age and grade criteria)
  • Appreciation Certificate - Regional Judges (Word Doc): Customize this certificate to show appreciation to your Regional Judges for their time and dedication of awarding students with SJWPat science fairs, etc.
  • Appreciation Certificate - State Judges (Word Doc): Customize this certificate to show appreciation to your State Judges for their time and dedication to reviewing and participating with the choosing of your SJWP state winnner!

Fundraising for a State Competition 

  • Budget Worksheet (Word Doc): Calculate your expenses and learn which efforts might best help you raise funds.
  • Sponsor Letter Template (Word Doc): Customize and distribute to potential sponsors to request support for your state program. 
  • Sponsor Benefits Template  (Word Doc): Customize and distribute to potential sponsors to show them the value of their contribution.  
  • Fundraising Ideas (PDF) See a listing of sample ideas to fund raise money to support your SJWP state competition and winner.

Hosting a National Competition (RFP's are not being accepted at this time; for more information please contact 703-684-2454)

Other Resources  

To request additional materials or to discuss the development of the competition in your state, email