WEFTeach photoWEFTeach is a “train-the-teachers” program, which reaches approximately 85 teachers each year. Originally offered as a workshop on the science and value of water to middle and high school teachers in their local communities, WEFTeach now takes place at a series of educators' conferences across the nation each year, including those of the National Science Teachers Association.

WEFTeach workshops feature hands-on water science projects supplemented with easy-to-use lesson plans. The current module, Stream Assessment: An active, integrated approach to science learning, features three hands-on teaching stations about the chemical, biological, and geophysical assessment of stream water quality during a 120-minute period.

WEFTeach is organized by WEF and its Public Communications and Outreach Committee and supported in part by sponsorship funding.

For information on volunteer or sponsorship opportunities, contact Lorien Walsh at

Stream Assessment: An active, integrated approach to science learning


Materials from the 2011 WEFTeach workshop may be downloaded below. WEF would like to express appreciation to the California Water Environment Association for its support of the recent workshop held at the National Science Teachers Association Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Forms and Keys
Habitat Photos

Materials were developed and/or adapted by the following:

  • Ken Cooke, Kentucky Division of Water, Watershed Watch Program Coordinator
  • Mike Kemp, Professor of Environmental Engineering Technology, Murray State University
  • Michelle Overby, President, NSTA Student Chapter, Murray State University

Some materials were adapted from the Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS) Water Quality Unit developed by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan Technological University, Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics & Environmental Education, and Central Michigan University, with Joan Schumaker Chadde as lead author. For more information, contact or 906 487 3341 or visit