SPONSORED BY: Greeley and Hansen, Black & Veatch, and CDM Smith
Award Presenter:  WEF Board of Trustee, Jennifer Hartfelder 
Design Competition Chair:  Lauren Zuravnsky, HRSD
WEF Staff: Caroline Pakenham, Dianne Crilley


Southern Methodist University

1st Place: Southern Methodist University
 - ($2,500)
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Taylor | Team Sponsor: Ms. Julie Ellis
Team:  Katie Stowers, Elizabeth Boddicker, Rachel Turner
Project Title: City of Fort Worth Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility Primary Treatment Upgrades


University of South FL_Sludge

2nd Place: University of South Florida (Team 1)
 - ($1,500)
Advisor: Dr. James Mihelcic
Team: Krystin Kadonsky, Christin Gentz, Maria Reed, Rebecca Braz, Poe Poe Min Hlaing
Project Title: Supplementary Sludge Management Process for City of Plant City Water Reclamation Facility


University of Colorado

3rd Place: University of Colorado, Boulder 
 - ($1,000)
Advisor: Dr. Chris Corwin
Team: Haley Goddard, Anisha Lamsal, John Greene, Kelsey Bennett, Julie Barstow
Project Title: Parker Water and Sanitation District Northern Wastewater Reclamation Facility Expansion


North Dakota State University

4th Place: North Dakota State University 
 - ($750)
Advisor: Dr. Wei Lin
Team: Aundie Softing, Eric Miller, Matthew Lee, Brian Rucker, Charlie Bowen, Carl Entzie, Oluyemi Abodunrin
Project Title: Biosolids and Nutrient Management at Moorhead Wastewater Treatment Facility, Moorhead, Minnesota



University of Minnesota

1st Place: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
 - ($2,500)
Advisor: Michele Guala
Team: Zeinab Takbiri, Maria Garcia-Serrana, Anne Wilkinson, Abigail Tomasek
Project Title: A New Tool for the Retrieval of Harmful Algae Concentrations using Multi-Satellite Observations


Virginia Military Institute

2nd Place: Virginia Military Institute
 - ($1,500)
Advisor: LTC Tim Moore, Ph.D.
Team: Nate Whitmer, Kyle Harrell, Vania Murcia, Michael Young
Project Title: Design and Implementation of a low maintenance, zero energy portable farm and aquaponics system for agriculturally challenged developing communities

Johns Hopkins

3rd Place: Johns Hopkins University
 - ($1,000)
Advisor: Dr. Ed Bouwer
Team: Mengli Shi, Conrad Pritchard, Yong Kai Saw, Manelle Dridi 
Project Title: Stormwater Design Strategies for Building 601 at Fort Meade  


University of Guelph

4th Place:  University of Guelph 
Advisor: Dr. Hongde Zhou
Team: Amy Langford, Steven Zingaro, Patricia Wiebe
Project Title: Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Energy & Resource Recovery


North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University
| Advisor: Joel Ducoste
Team: Kristin Connors, Ashley Kabat, Michael Knepper, Will Fuller
Project Title: Mebane Bridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Aerobic Digestion Upgrades


Utah State University

Utah State University
| Advisor: Dr. Mike McFarland
Team: Darren Bingham, Dominique Bertrand, Dan Horne, Erin Anderson, Ahmad Bitar
Project Title: Biosolids Handling at Central Davis Sewer District (Kaysville, UT)


University of South Florida_Plant City

University of South Florida (Team 2)
| Advisor: Dr. James Mihelcic
Team: Vittoria Zucchelli, Monica Resto, Dillon Forsyth, Madeline Kender, Wainella Isaacs,
Project Title: Develop Solutions for the City of Plant City Water Reclamation Facility to Handle Septage Loads due to the Ban from FL SB 550


Seattle University

Seattle University
| Advisor: Dr. Michael Marsolek
Team: Isabella Schwartz, Kristin Ramey, Abbie Lorensen, Larissa Grundell
Project Title: Alderwood Water and Wastewater District Outfall Upgrade

University of British Columbia and Northern British Columbia

University of Northern British Columbia/ University of British Columbia |
Advisor: Dr. Eric Hall (UBC)
Team: Leah MacGillivray, Matthew Waldie, Danielle Gutwillinger, Trudy Miller, Kelsey Baker, Travis Reid
Project Title: Phosphorous Removal at the Whistler Wastewater Treatment Facility


Northeastern University

Northeastern University
| Advisor: Dr. Annalisa Onnis-Hayden
Team: Meghan Bruckman, James Mitchell Quine, Greg Coyle, Andrew Gillen, Alston Potts
Project Title: Restoring the Cycle: Northeastern University Onsite Wastewater Reclamation Demonstration Project


Milwaukee School of Eng and Univ of WI Platteville

Milwaukee School of Engineering/ University of Wisconsin, Platteville
| Advisor: Douglas Nelson (MSOE), Michael Penn (UW-Platteville)
Team: Jill Vande Boom, Gage Thompson, Zack Wallin, Titus Rubietta, Jordan Fure
Project Title: Global Water Stewardship: Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica