SPONSORED BY: Bentley Systems, Black & Veatch, CDM Smith, Greeley and Hansen
Award Presenter:  WEF Board of Trustee, Erin Mosely 
Design Competition Chair:  Lauren Zuravnsky, Greeley and Hansen
WEF Staff: Dianne Crilley


 W 2015 SMU
1st Place: Southern Methodist University
 - ($2,500)
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Taylor | Team Sponsor: Ms. Julie Ellis
Team:  Kaylee Dusek, Abigail Klaus, Allison Leopold
Project Title: City of Grapevine Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan

W 2015 U of Idaho
2nd Place: University of Idaho
- ($1,500)
Advisor: Dr. Erik R. Coats, P.E.
Team: Eric Hughes, Derek Probst, Sharon Strom, Ben Carleton
Project Title: Analysis of Design Alternatives to Achieve Nitrification at the Colfax, WA Reclamation Facility

 W 2015 UBC

3rd Place: University of British Columbia / University of Northern British Columbia 
Advisor: Dr. Pierre Berube
Team: Allison Matfin, Brenden Vissers, Stephanie Wall, Maureen Long, Clayton McBride
Project Title: Biomas to Biogas: A Preliminary Design Concept for Anaerobic Digestion

W 2015 U of Windsor

4th Place: University of Windsor 
Advisor: Dr. Rajesh Seth
Team: Tania Farah, Amal Ghamrawi, David Tran, Rose Zhao
Project Title: Nutrient Recovery and Process Improvements at the Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant


 E 2015 NDSU  
1st Place: North Dakota State University - ($2,500)
Advisor: Dr. Wei Lin
Team: Kellen Grubb, Luisa Torres, Anna Cunningham, Ursinio Puga, Zach Cormican, Dain Synhorst, Jacob Mitzel, Shane Traulich, Zach Thelen, Kevin Kruger, Nick Wyers, Dane EkdomProject Title: Water Reclamation for Irrigation of Softball Complex

E 2015 FL Gulf Coast U

2nd Place: Florida Gulf Coast University
 - ($1,500)
Advisor: Dr. Simeon J. Komisar
Team: Maxwell Goodacre, Erik Mead, Nathan Wunder
Project Title: Bioremediation of Phenol Waste Using Activated Sludge in a Hybrid-Batch Reactor

E 2015 USF
3rd Place: University of South Florida
 - ($1,000)
Advisor: Dr. Serina Ergas
Team: Etienne Vawters, Ileana Wald, Alex Miller, David Lee, Samantha Flores
Project Title:  City of Oldsmar Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well Rehabilitation

E 2015 U of Wisconsin Platteville
4th Place:  University of Wisconsin - Platteville ($750)
Advisor: Dr. Mike Penn
Team: Devin Peterson, Dylan Friss, Curtis Veit
Project Title: Piedras Blancas Collection and Treatment System


 W 2015 NCSU 
North Carolina State University | Advisor: Dr. Joel J. Ducoste
Team: Hannah Banks, Jonathan Flehan, Zach Kemak, Travis Voorhees
Project Title: Town of Pittsboro WWTP Expansion

W 2015 U of MD 
University of Maryland Baltimore County | Advisor: Dr. Lee Blaney
Team: John Kemper, Erin Stapleton, Utsav Shashvatt, Mamatha Hopanna, Nicholas Rogers, Robert Burton
Project Title: Broadwater Water Reclamation Facility Enhanced Nutrient Removal Upgrade and Expansion

W 2015 U of Wisconsin Platteville 
University of Wisconsin - Platteville | Advisor: Dr. Mike Penn
Team: Sarah Beam, Josh Koopmann, Bryce Corrigan
Project Title: Baraboo, Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvement Plan

W 2015 Utah State U
Utah State University | Advisor: Dr. Mike McFarland
Team: Ali Salha, Ayman Alafifi, Kristopher Jarrett, Ruba Mohamed, Ahmad Bitar
Project Title: Upgrading South Davis Sewer District - North Plant

W 2015 VA Tech
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University | Advisor: Dr. Gregory Boardman, P.E., DEE, F.ASCE
Team: Catherine Grey, Maria Haas, Anton Kireev, Nick Freedlander
Project Title: Wastewater Treatment Plant Efficiency and the Modified Ludzack-Ettinger Process


University of Wyoming | Advisor: Dr. William D. Bellamy, Dr. Patricia J.S. Colberg, P.E.
Team: Ethan Rhodes, Eric Rice, Nicholas Berling
Project Title: Torrington, WY Wastewater Treatment Facility: Assessment, Evaluation, and Recommendations