WEF would like to thank the Private Property Virtual Library Team, Collection Systems Committee, and contributing utilities for their hard work and dedication to providing this essential informational resource. WEF would also like to thank FMSM Engineers for their significant contributions to this project.

The Private Property Virtual Library Team

  • Jane McLamarrah, MWH - Project Manager
  • Laurie Chase, Blue Heron Engineering Services, ltd. - President
  • Jaime Davidson, Wendel Companies¬†- Project Manager
  • Andy Bowen, Edmonton, Canada
  • Bill Carter, George Butler Associates
  • Bruce Cohen, CSL Services
  • Emil Cook, CMT
  • Andy Craven, Strand
  • Josh Gable, AECOM
  • David Guhin, Santa Rosa, California
  • John Mowry, KLH
  • John Nelson, Visu-Sewer
  • Neil Raymond, Hydro International
  • Richard Reyes, ITT Water & Wastewater USA
  • Anil Tangirala, Stantec
  • Mandeera Wagle, CDM
  • Aaron Witt, Johnson County, Kansas

Initial Database/Website Development

  • Mike Anderson, FMSM Engineers
  • Mike Greene, FMSM Engineers
  • Paul Vidal, FMSM Engineers

If you are interested in joining the PPVL Team, we ask that you first join the Collection Systems Committee. To join the committee, simply apply online.