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P.H. Problems
Posted: Sunday, October 17, 2010 1:30 PM
Joined: 6/13/2010
Posts: 11

Noticed on Water and Wastewater.com that Disinfection was not mentioned. I have tried to sign up but no luck, that is why I am posting it in here. Seeing as nobody mentioned that this could be one of the reasons that the P.H. and Alkalinity is so low in the Effluent, I thought what the heck maybe a discussion could start in here to see if we could add our Expertise. My own thought is that it's possible break-point Chlorination may be an issue for the P.H. and Alkalinity being so low. Anybody else have any Ideas.  

Victor Santa Cruz
Posted: Sunday, October 17, 2010 1:44 PM
Joined: 11/11/2009
Posts: 38

D. Mak:


If you signed up for water and wastewater forum you should have promptly received a notification e-mail.  I would suggest that you try again but make sure that you check your spam folder.  As you can see, this Forum is dead and may or may not receive a response.

Posted: Sunday, October 17, 2010 1:53 PM
Joined: 6/13/2010
Posts: 11

Thanks Victor, I think spam is blocked( goes to my junk mail)( I.T. may be blocking it with there software) so I think I will have to sign up at Home. I attempted to sign up back is June when you suggested it. I have noticed it is getting alot quieter in here since they modified the forum.

Posted: Sunday, October 17, 2010 1:59 PM

 http://www.waterandwastewater.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1277219814  by the way this is the P.H. and Alkalinity issue I was mentioning. any takers???

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2010 1:41 PM

low alkalinity suggest to me, nitrification

Posted: Friday, September 16, 2011 1:18 AM
Joined: 9/16/2011
Posts: 1

  I am working in sewage treatment plant utilizing lagoon ponds, it has an aerator pong, facultative pond and a polishing pond. Its design capacity is 26MLD but the influent entering is only 2mld. Therefore it affects the retention time of the pond. we are having problems with high ph especially on sunny days. can this be caused by the longer retention time which makes the algae proliferate ?please help..thank you in advance

Gary Sain
Posted: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 7:27 AM
Joined: 4/8/2010
Posts: 9

After losing quite a bit of religion, I finally got logged into this page...

Concerning the high pH:

Can you limit your discharge to only at night, and early morning since your flow is so low?  That would be simplest.

Other ideas, CO2 injection at outfall to lower your pH.  That’ll be your problem, photosynthetic activity is depleting your dissolved CO2/carbonic acid in the water, causing the pH to go up.  We’ve done this successfully on some of our basins.

Other than that, you’re stuck with controlling the algae.  Chlorine in your polishing pond will do that.  There are other algaecides that will control algae, but you will challenge any toxicity limits you have (as you will with the chlorine).  There are also some vegetable based dye products on the market (Aquashade) that will control algae; if you don’ t have an issue discharging blue green water.

Longer term ideas: Add aeration to aerate the polishing pond vigorously  to restore the CO2 equilibrium.  Some state regulators will work with you on relief from your pH limit, if you prove it is due to natural causes.


Unfortunately, other than that, you’re pretty much stuck with praying for rain with overcast skies, or cold weather.