Wastewater Operator Certification and Training Materials

WEF offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for successful completion of its training programs, workshops, and seminars in the water quality field. Both members and non-members can choose from self-paced and classroom courses for entry and advanced-level training; interactive and online training courses for wastewater operators; and a variety of self-study training materials in print and electronic format.

Certification Agency Contact Information
The Association of Boards of Certification's (ABC) compilation of U.S. state and Canadian province contacts - includes name, address, phone, fax, email, and web site addresses. Access your state or province's web site to review existing regulations for Wastewater Operator certification.

Summary of State Approvals for WEF Training Courses
A current listing of state approved Continuing Education Units for WEF's Operations Training Courses: Operations Training: Wastewater Treatment (OTWT), Pumps: Operations and Maintenance and Activated Sludge Process Control, and Solids Handling.

Purchase Certification Study Aids
A comprehensive listing of WEF's training and exam study aids that can help operators obtain and maintain certification.