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AZ Water Association  

The AZ Water Association, comprised of over 2,100 professional's dedicated to Arizona's water, is seeking an Independent Contractor - Executive Director. Click here for more information.



2015 WEF MA Leader Education Program

This complimentary program consists of various educational opportunities for MA Leaders. Mark your calendar to join us at the events listed below to learn skills that can enhance your role as a MA Leader. 

CURRENT Webcasts  

Membership Series
Please join WEF in a series of webcasts focused on Membership based on chapters from the Membership Recruitment and Retention Guidebook!  Information is provided below.

March 27, 2015 - Register
The final webcast in this series will cover Chapter 6 - Community Outreach.  The presenters are: WEF Delegates Linda Peterson (Nevada WEA), Ted DeBoda (Chesapeake WEA), and Haley Falconer (Pacific Northwest CWA).

***All webcasts in this series will take place from 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST.

PAST Webcasts

Membership Series
This series of webcasts is focused on Membership based on chapters from the Membership Recruitment and Retention Guidebook.  More information is below.

January 29, 2015 - Chapter 5 - Students & Young Professionals
Presenters: WEF Delegates Aimee Killeen (Louisiana WEA), Paul Pinault (Florida WEA), and Lance Manabe (Hawaii WEA)
Webcast recording
Presentation - pdf format

January 15, 2015 - Chapters 1 & 2 - Membership Recruitment & Retention
Presenters: Mary Johnson (WEF Delegate, Illinois WEA), Dean Miller (WEF Delegate, Pennsylvania WEA), Patricia Cerro-Reehil (Executive Director, New York WEA), Judi Henrich (Executive Manager, Ohio WEA), and Julie Nahrgang (Executive Director, WEA of Texas)
Webcast recording
Presentation - pdf format

December 4, 2014 - Chapter 4 - Operator Engagement
Presenters: David Briggs, WEF Delegate from the WEA of Texas and Todd Boling, WEF Delegate from the Nebraska WEA
Webcast recording
Presentation - pdf format

November 6, 2014 - Chapter 3 - Volunteer Engagement - Avoiding Burnout
Presenters: Paul Pinault, WEF Delegate from the Florida WEA and Jamie Eichenberger, WEF House of Delegates Speaker-Elect
Webcast recording
Presentation - pdf format



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