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 New England WEA

The New England WEA has a new Public Education campaign called Water for Life.  The goal is to create awareness and action around key water industry topics: Health and Safety, Sustainability, and Career Opportunities. Click here for more information on this new initiative that was shared at WEFMAX 2016!




WEFMAX means (WEF Member Association (MA) Exchange)

These meetings provide an opportunity for WEF and MA leaders to discuss issues affecting WEF and its MAs and exchange of ideas and experiences.  They also represent social time to foster relationships to ensure continued success. Many Federation and MA programs have found their origins in ideas discussed and presented at these meetings.  The Water Environment Federation represents an extensive network of professionals in the water quality field, MA exchange sessions lie at the core of this network.  

Benefits of Hosting - MA Hosts have an opportunity to share what is happening in their local area with a diverse and vast number of MA leaders from across North America.  Each Host is invited to identify and lead a dialog topic of their choice as part of the WEFMAX program discussion sessions.  This provides the MA Host a forum to share their success stories, and discuss their challenges.   A great way to use these discussion sessions to link ideas and drive solutions!   

Check out the historical list of WEFMAX meetings as documented from 1996 to present time. 


Volunteer to Host a WEFMAX Meeting

WEFMAX meetings are scheduled five years out.  WEF is currently looking for MAs who want to host for years 2020. Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley if your MA is interested in hosting. 


Tools and Resources for Hosting WEFMAX  

Tips & Pitfalls   Helpful tips regarding room set-up, meals, breaks, AV, etc…
Additional Q & A   City/site selection, meeting rooms, food, alcohol
Event Check List   List of event details in time order
Steps to Planning WEFMAX   List of details in time order for planning a WEFMAX
WEF/MA  Agreement    WEF/MA agrees to terms and conditions to jointly sponsor WEFMAX
Timeline   The Planning Timeline provides a quick look at what and when things are due during the planning process to host WEFMAX.
Sample Presentation   Used by AZ Water presented to their Board; details on hosting WEFMAX.
2016 WEFMAX Webinar


View webinar to better understand the flow of the WEFMAX meetings for the Host scribe, microphone helper, time keeper, WEF Delegate compiler, WEF and Host moderator and MA presenters.
WEFMAX TimeKeeper Guide  The TimeKeeper guide offers tips on the importance of staying on time for each session, assisting speakers in staying within their time allocation, and being flexible with time to allow for ample discussions.
WEFMAX Microphone Guide   The Microphone guide offers tips on how best to deliver and retrieve microphone from attendee so their questions and comments can be heard by the attendees and the scribe
WEFMAX Scribe Guide   The Scribe guide offers tips on the importance of note taking for each capture exchange, comments, questions and interaction of the discussions after each presentation.
WEFMAX Compiler Guide  The Compiler guide offers tips on the importance of capturing the attendees take-aways.  The Compiler will capturing and compiler words or phrases that best represent key take-aways from the session.
WEFMAX Moderator Guide  The role of the Moderator is to introduce the topic, the support helpers, keep the conversation on track, let as many people talk as long as time allows and end with having the attendees identify key take-aways from the session.