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AZ Water Association  

The AZ Water Association is proud to announce the selection of their new Executive Director, David Iwanski.  He has over 30 years of background and experience addressing issues related to water, energy, environmental regulatory compliance, agribusiness, and business development at the federal, state, and local levels. 




May 19 - 20, 2011
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The following Member Associations participated in the “Great Ideas” MA Exchange.  To access an MA presentation, click “Presentation” and/or to access a details sheet, click “Fact Sheet”.   For more information covered in the presentations, please contact each MA directly.

AZ Water
Paul Kinshella, WEF Delegate
Presentation: Created a "New Wave" Committee comprised of members between YP & a Seasoned Professional; Started a Scholarship endowment series

Atlantic Canada WWA
Gary Chew, WEF Delegate
Presentation: Has a full time Executive Assistant postition; Award program is growing; plans to participate in the Ops Challenge is now in the works; New logo and redesign of their web page; Training partnership with BCWWA
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California WEA
Gayle Tupper, WEF Delegate
Presentation: Advancing the Wastewater Professions Through Certification.  CWEA provided an update on their online Computer-Based Testing Certification program offered in California. 
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Hawaii WEA
Greg Arakaki, Secretary/Treasurer
Presentation: PWO volunteers active in participating in the Ops Challenge coming in 10th place in 2010; YP Committee is now a joint committee with AWWA
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Indiana WEA
Scott Grimes, Executive Director
Presentation: New Abstract System - Storing Abstracts on the web
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Nebraska WEA
James Condon, WEF Awards Committee Member
Presentation: Implement WEFHELP Pilot Operator Training
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New England WEA
Daniel Bisson, President-Elect
Greg Cataldo, WEF Delegate
Presentation: Holding a 2011 Joint Spring Meeting with NYWEA in Bolton Landing, NY at which time they are including a community service project.  Informal plan to hold a Joint Meeting every five years.
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Pacific Northwest CWA
Cyndy Bratz, President
Presentation: Lesson in a Box
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RESEAU environnement
Diana Tao, WEF Delegate
PresentationIn partnership with the Canadian MAs, RESEAU to host the 6th Canadian Biosoolids & Residuals Conference in Sept. 2011
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WEA of Ontario
: Rosanna DiLabio, President
Presentation: Expanding Student Chpaters - looking at transiiton for chapters members from a student to a New Professional; annual Chapter leadership Forum training day has been successful
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