Research and Innovation Committee

The WEF Research and Innovation Committee will support the execution of WEF's programs for academics and other researchers and WEF's efforts to foster collaboration between and to meet the needs of these professionals.  Specifically the committee will:

  • Improve communication between researchers working in academic and other research settings and coordinate input to WEF's efforts to understand and address priorities such as knowledge development and transfer, research funding, and so forth.
  • Support and foster the participation of members from the academic and research communities in WEF's critical objective of driving innovation.
  • Lead and support efforts to increase the participation of academics and other researchers in WEF programs.
  • Provide leadership for and coordination of WEF's research-related conferences, including proposing events and meetings.

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Kartik Chandran, 2016 - 2019
 500 W. 120th St.
 New York, NY   10027
 Tel:  212/854-9027
 Fax:  212/854-7081   



Zhen Jason He, 2016 - 2019
 1145 Perry St
 Blacksburg, VA 24061-1019

Staff Liaison

Barry Liner
 Tel:  703/684-2435
 Fax: 703/684-2413