About WEF Committees

As a membership organization, WEF understands the value of member engagement and using the collective knowledge of an entire profession to further its mission of improving water quality around the world.  More than 2,500 WEF members participate in WEF committee activities, developing conference programs, writing technical manuals and books, developing training materials and program content, and many other WEF program activities.

WEF technical committees provide the expertise that makes WEF one of the world's leading water quality organizations. WEF committees help develop WEF policy positions, write and peer review books and training materials, and plan and deliver workshops and conferences. Volunteering on a WEF committee is an opportunity for you to help shape the water quality field today and for tomorrow.      

Our numerous committees work together to create a strong, unified force aimed at improving water quality management. Each committee focuses on a different aspect of water and wastewater management. Whether you want to participate in water quality analysis, make changes to guidelines, or help with the management of WEF itself, contact us today to see which committee is right for you.