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This library offers a depository of MA and WEF presentations by topic as presented at a WEFMAX

MA Host Sessions 

Becoming Financially Stable

Committee Engagement

Influencing Public Policy

Operator Engagement / Professionalism

Public Outreach / Education

Succession Planning 

WEF Presentations

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Membership & Customer Relations 

The Membership & Customer Relations staff serve as a resource for WEF members and WEF Member Association leaders, and MA professional staff, and are available as a resource.

Wade Riess                                          Dianne Crilley
Director                                                 Sr Manager
1+703.684.2400 Ext 7420                       1+703.684.2445                                       
Nick Bardis                                          Brightkey - Tanya Pittman
Database Specialist                               WEF CSC Team Leader
1+703.684.2400 Ext 7731                       1+800.666.0206                           or                             
Jessica LaFever 
Manager Membership & Customer Relations
1+703.684.2400 Ext 7052  

The Marketing Staff serves as a resource for MA Leaders on:

  • Customized membership applications
  • Membership Recruitment  
Lori Jordan                                          

The IT Staff serves as a resource for MA leaders on development of and access to MA online reports (from the WEF database).

Lynn Thomson                                    Marissa Adawag
Director, IT                                            Programmer/Report Writer
1+703.684.2400 Ext 7732                      1+703.684.2400 Ext 7732                         
The Governance Programs Staff serves as a resource for the WEF Board of Trustees and WEF House of Delegates.
Sandi Grooms                                     Kelsey Hurst
Governance Programs Manager              Program Administrator         
1+703.684.2429                                    1+703.684.2477