Membership management can be both rewarding and challenging. In an effort to aid MAs with their membership development efforts, WEF has provided links below that contain policies, guidelines, and helpful tips.

Membership Recruitment and Retention Guidebook 

This Recruitment and Retention Guidebook was a product of the 2012 – 2013 WEF HOD Engagement and Values Sub-Working Group. It consists of information and tips for membership recruitment and retention, and advice on how to increase the value of membership.




WEF’s Online Membership Reports
MAs can have access to membership information (raw data-unformatted) that can be exported to Microsoft Excel and formatted by the MA. Information included in the reports is “real-time” information from the WEF membership database, which is updated daily.

Questions about MA memberships, data changes, or customer service inquiries?

To submit questions regarding any MA customer service issue, please send an email to: or call: 1-800-666-0206.

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WEF Membership Application Forms


Global Membership Brochures

- Now available to MAs
WEF is now offering three membership categories to address the needs of water quality professionals residing outside of the United States, U.S. Territories and Canada.  These categories include Global Professional, Global Professional Low-Income Country and E-Global Professional.  To enhance the recruitment efforts of its Member Associations, The Global Membership brochure in English is now available in three translated versions: Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.



Membership Recruitment & Retention Information

Tools and resources to aid MAs with managing membership development efforts: