Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design Committee's

WEFTEC Workshops Subcommittee

The WEFTEC Workshops Subcommittee shall and in close coordination with the WEFTEC Municipal Wastewater Treatment Symposium Subcommittee at a minimum develop, recommend, support, and sponsor programs that advance and educate municipal wastewater treatment design practices during WEFTEC. Examples of WEFTEC Workshops activities shall include the development and production of special technical sessions and/or workshops during WEFTEC, the liaison with other groups or committees such as plant operations, membranes, disinfection, etc. in the co‐development and co‐production of technical workshops, and be a source of technical municipal wastewater treatment design knowledge in support of WEFTEC related events such as judges for competitions, or other as requested roles specifically related to WEFTEC.




  Robert Borneman, 2013-2015 

  Mehran Andalib, 2013-2015